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Dune (1984):
IMDB Listing
David Lynch
Frank Herbert (novel)
David Lynch
Brian Eno & Toto

Kyle MacLachlan
Francesca Annis
Jürgen Prochnow
Freddie Jones
Richard Jordan
Patrick Stewart
Dean Stockwell
Sean Young
Brad Dourif
Linda Hunt
Max von Sydow
José Ferrer
Virginia Madsen
... Director
... Writer
... Writer
... Original Music by

... Paul Atreides
... Feyd Rautha
... Lady Jessica
... Leto Atreides
... Thufir Hawat
... Duncan Idaho
... Gurney Halleck
... Doctor Yueh
... Chani
... Piter De Vries
... Shadout Mapes
... Doctor Kynes
... Emperor Shaddam IV
... Princess Irulan

The film is a far cry from the book, but I blame that on the fact that the book cannot be cut down into a 2-hour theatrical film. Now that I've seen a longer 3-hour cut that restores some subplots found in the book, my appreciation of David Lynch's effort has grown. Other than the abrupt messiaic ending, the film does not stray from the book. Lynch's vision of Arrakis and the worms helped enhance my subsequent readings of the book.

In 2000, the SciFi Channel premiered a miniseries version, which is reviewed here. The short comment on the difference between the two would be to take the cast and acting assembled in Lynch's version and combine that with the miniseries' length and some of the production values.

Absolut Paradigm

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