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Children of Dune
Children of Dune (2003):
IMDB Listing
Greg Yaitanes
Frank Herbert (novel)
John Harrison
Brian Tyler

Alec Newman
Barbora Kodetová
Julie Cox
Daniela Amavia
Steven Berkoff
Alice Krige
Susan Sarandon
James McAvoy
Jessica Brokes
William Atterton
P.H. Moriarty
Rik Young
Jonathan Bruun
Martin McDougall
Ian McNeice
... Director
... Writer
... Writer
... Original Music by

... Paul Atreides
... Chani
... Irulan
... Princess Alia
... Stilgar
... Lady Jessica
... Wensicia
... Leto II
... Ghanima
... Duncan Idaho
... Gurney Halleck
... Javid
... Farad'N
... Scytale
... Baron Harkonnen

This SCiFI channel 'sequel' miniseries is better than its predecessor. Perhap because the material from the second and third books, Dune Messiah and Children of Dune are not quite as complex as Dune. The cast changes that were made as well as the choices for the new characters strengthened the acting. Though epic in scope, this film focused on characters rather than effects, which worked well.

The music by Brian Tyler, which was heavily influenced by Gladiator, also strengthed the miniseries and easily stands on its own as a solid soundtrack. Though Herbert seemed to use several common plot devices to move the second and third books along, these devices are handled well in the films. Unlike the other two Dune films which are worth watching as 'epic' scifi genre films, this one is worth watching as an epic film.

Absolut Paradigm

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