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Babylon 5
Babylon 5 (1994-1998):
IMDB Listing
J. Michael Straczynski
Christopher Framke

Michael O'Hare
Bruce Boxleitner
Claudia Christian
Jerry Doyle
Mira Furlan
Richard Biggs
Andreas Katsulas
Peter Jurasil
Bill Mumy
Stephen Furst
Pat Tallman
Jeff Conaway
Ed Wasser
Jason Carter
Walter Koenig
... Creator
... Original Music by

... Jeffrey Sinclair
... John Sheridan
... Susan Ivanova
... Michael Garibaldi
... Delenn
... Dr. Stephen Franklin
... G'Kar
... Londo Mollari
... Lennier
... Vir Cotto
... Lyta Alexander
... Zack Allen
... Morden
... Marcus Cole
... Alfred Bester

Babylon 5 appeared just as Star Trek: The Next Generation was growing stale. Unlike Star Trek, the storyline progressed through episodes and seasons like chapters in a novel, so traumas to characters did not just disappear by the next episode, but were permanent. Each episode built on a greater story arc. The only question was whether the show would survive to run five seasons and complete the story arc, but it was able to do so and complete the story.

Thanks to the SciFi channel and the continuing popularity of the show, one still has the opportunity to watch the series from beginning to end, which is a worthy endeavor. Rewatching the series lets one look out for the hints of foreshadowing that were intentional. Though the first season was bumpy, the threads laid out allowed the story to crank up in the second season and never slow down. In some mythic way, the show actually has whispers of the The Lord of the Rings in its storytelling.

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