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Nowhere Man
Nowhere Man (1995-1996):
IMDB Listing
Lawrence Hertzog

Bruce Greenwood
... Creator

... Thomas Veil

Nowhere Man was one of the genre shows that appeared after the successful run of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It had an iffy concept that the fledgling UPN Network was willing to risk. Thomas Veil is a photographer who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time and had photographed a group hanging in a South American country. The night of a photo exhibition which featured the hanging, he goes into a restaurant bathroom and when he walks out, his life has been deleted. His best friend has been murdered and he traces it all back to the photograph.

This setup made for some great twists and turns and plenty of paranoia for the first ten episodes. After that, the show seemed to become a little lost and the writers tried to hit the reset button. Everything Thomas Veil had learned up until then was to be doubted. He may not have even been in South America. Those changes stretched the credibility of the show and the intensity of the following episodes wasn't the same. Up until then, the audience had learned everything as Veil learned it. When the writers chose to make Veil question everything he had learned, they should have given the audience something to hold onto. Instead, the audience had probably learned no real answers to the mysteries and had wasted their time.

Nowhere Man was described by Lawrence Hertzog and the writers as Twilight Zone meets The Fugitive. The comparison that really works may be with the limited series, The Prisoner. That series had an overall method to its madness and while Nowhere Man had direction for a while, it soon got lost and the storyline itself looked to be going nowhere. Still, the first dozen episodes are well worth watching.

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