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Charlotte Selton Charlotte Selton

Portrayed by: Joely Richardson

Charlotte Selton is loosely based on the independent urban women who supported the Patriots through various home-based efforts, although Charlotte is not actually shown conducting any such efforts herself. When Benjamin Martin goes off to war to keep an eye on his oldest son, Gabriel, Charlotte acts as a surrogate parent to her nieces and nephews in his absence. Her sister Elizabeth had died of illness in 1773.

The relationship between Charlotte and Benjamin is restrained and reduced to nothing more than glances and awkward smiles. Based on that, it's nearly unbelievable when their first onscreen attempt at a discussion of their feelings results in a kiss. We're not sure if scenes developing the relationship better were left on the cutting room floor, or the filmmakers thought that the emotion of Gabriel and Anne's wedding would be sufficient explanation for the sudden appearance of passion between their older counterparts. In either case, she and Benjamin marry and the final scene shows her with child as they begin rebuilding the Martin farmhouse.

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