The Patriot Resource - The Patriot

The Patriot Film Fact or Fiction:
This section analyzes the battles, certain events and people depicted in The Patriot for historical accuracy.

Guilford Courthouse
Colonel Harry Burwell
General Charles Cornwallis
General Nathanael Greene
Benjamin Martin
General Charles O'Hara
Colonel William Tavington
Major Jean Villeneuve

Individual Events depicted in the movie:
- Benjamin Martin's raid on Fort Wilderness.
- Benjamin Martin's statement about tyrants to the S.C. Assembly.
- Colonel Tavington burns a militia leader's home and kills his son.
- Explosive projectiles in Revolutionary War battles.
- The "Betsy Ross" flag used as a battle flag.
- Militia alone kept General Charles Cornwallis from advancing north.
- Courting couples used bundling bags to spend the night together.
- Continental Congress offering freedom to slaves who served a year.
- Escaped slave colonies (Gullah camps) existed during the war.
- Colonel Tavington burns down a church with the townspeople inside.
- The final battle strategy using militia as a decoy.
- General Cornwallis sent his deputy to surrender at Yorktown.

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