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Battle of Yorktown:
The scenes of a fort under siege from land and sea during the closing narration depict this battle. Additional footage of this battle was shot, including interaction between General George Washington and Benjamin Martin, but edited out of the final cut. It is mentioned that Lt. General Charles Cornwallis was so "mortified" over being defeated that he sent his second-in-command, General Charles O'Hara, in his place to the surrender ceremony. In reality, Cornwallis did claim illness and send General O'Hara to surrender to General Washington.

None of the figures that Benjamin Martin (Francis Marion, Elijah Clarke, Daniel Morgan, Andrew Pickens or Thomas Sumter) and Colonel Burwell (Henry Lee) were present at Yorktown. Morgan had retired to his home due to illness. Sumter had retired from the battlefield following an embarassing defeat. Marion, Clarke, Pickens and Lee continued to campaign in the Carolinas and Georgia.

Not much else can be said about the accuracy of the battle until the additional film footage can be viewed.

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