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Battle of Guilford Courthouse:
The heavy losses incurred by the Continentals on General Cornwallis' forces at the real Battle of Guilford Courthouse are depicted in the unnamed battle between Colonel Burwell and Cornwallis. Cornwallis sneers a reply of understanding the losses to one of his generals who tries to claim that they were victorious in the battle. Cornwallis then orders a retreat, but at Guilford Courthouse Continental Maj. General Nathanael Greene was the first to withdraw from the field after inflicting heavy losses on Cornwallis.

The only elements from Guilford Courthouse that are in the movie's unnamed battle are:
1. General Cornwallis is present. He was not present at the Battle of Cowpens.

2. General Nathanael Greene is mentioned as present the night before the battle when Benjamin Martin proposes his plan. Greene was not present at Cowpens.

3. General Cornwallis is victorious while sustaining enormous losses, which rendered the victory nearly meaningless.

4. Guilford Courthouse was at the center of the battlefield much like the ruins in the movie.

Additional information about the movie's unnamed climactic battle can be found on the Cowpens page.

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