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The filmmakers readily admit that the movie is a dramatic tale. They have described it as a movie about family set with the backdrop of the Revolutionary War, rather than vice versa as is the case with most movies of today. As a result, we only see the progression of some elements of the war as it swirls around the Martin family.

Writer Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan) has a doctorate in history and he does explore a facet of the American Revolution: war in the South, which has not been highly publicized or celebrated. The movie was conceived as being based on the wartime exploits of Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox, but in order for the filmmakers to dramatize some events as well as distance themselves from any controversial aspects, a composite character was used instead. As a result, Benjamin Martin, the Ghost, became the lead character.

Listings are now available in Four Groups for Major Characters with thumbnail pics:

The Martins:
Benjamin Martin
Elizabeth Martin
Gabriel Martin
Margaret Martin
Nathan Martin
Samuel Martin
Susan Martin
Thomas Martin
William Martin
Family & Friends:
Anne Howard
Peter Howard
Mrs. Howard
Charlotte Selton
The Patriots:
John Billings
Harry Burwell
Nathanael Greene
Reverend Oliver
Dan Scott
Jean Villeneuve
The British:
Captain Bordon
Charles Cornwallis
Charles O'Hara
Mr. Simms
Mrs. Simms
William Tavington
Captain Wilkins
Redcoat Lieutenant

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