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Margaret Martin Margaret Martin
Born: 1765

Portrayed by: Mika Boorem

Margaret Martin is Benjamin Martin's fifth oldest child and oldest of two daughters. In 1776, she is eleven and the woman of the house because her mother had died. She is responsible for looking after her younger brother and sister, William and Susan. She has begun teaching William reading and writing, while she comforts her younger sister with her already developing mothering nature. She also occasionally keeps her older brothers Nathan and Samuel in line.

In 1778, when fighting comes to the Martin farm, she watches her oldest brother Gabriel get arrested for spying, her brother Thomas killed attempting to save his brother, then her father, Nathan and Samuel take off to attack an entire British patrol to save Gabriel. Before he leaves, Benjamin charges her to look after her younger brother and sister and gives her instructions if he, Nathan and Samuel don't return. Though she was only thirteen at that point, girls of that age were considered to be on the cusp of adulthood and so Benjamin's leaving her behind alone with her younger siblings isn't out of character with the time period.

In a Deleted Scene found on the DVD, Benjamin, Nathan and Samuel return to their now burned down farm to find Margaret crying as the house still smolders behind her and Thomas' body still lays where he fell. Susan and William show no such distress, because they are too young to fully understand.

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