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Susan Martin Susan Martin
Born: 1772

Portrayed by:
Skye McCole Bartusiak
Young Susan

Susan Martin is Benjamin Martin's seventh and youngest child. As the movie begins in 1776, Susan is a quiet little four year old (pictured on the right as portrayed by a local extra's daughter). She still has not spoken, which is probably the result of losing her mother while Susan was still a baby. When she talks to Gabriel for the first time after their escape from Aunt Charlotte's plantation, she shows that she is very upset with her father for leaving them behind.

In the most moving scene of the film, Susan has refused to speak to her father during the time he is visiting them at the Gullah camp. Finally, as he is leaving she refuses to even give him a hug as a display of her anger at his departing again. However, as he and Gabriel begin to ride off, she breaks down, cries out and runs after him. She then makes Benjamin promise that he will come back, so we know for sure that Benjamin Martin will survive the war (after all, the filmmakers wouldn't have their star break a promise to his character's little girl).

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