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Captain Wilkins Captain Wilkins
Loyalist serving under Colonel William Tavington

Portrayed by: Adam Baldwin

Captain Wilkins only has five scenes of dialogue, but three of those scenes are important in moving the story along. He first appears as a landowner in the South Carolina Assembly who counters Peter Howard's arguments for supporting Colonel Harry Burwell's request for the state's support for independence. His second appearance is his introduction to Colonel William Tavington by Tavington's second, Captain Bordon. Tavington speaks to him with contempt and asks Wilkins how he feels about turning on his neighbors.

Captain Wilkins later appears when General Charles Cornwallis has given Colonel Tavington permission to capture The Ghost by any means necessary. Tavington pumps Wilkins for information and learns that The Ghost is Benjamin Martin and the location of Charlotte Selton's plantation which leads to narrow escape by Charlotte and the children with the help of Gabriel.

Wilkins' next appearance is when Colonel Tavington locks the townspeople of Pembroke including Anne, Peter and Mrs. Howard. Tavington orders Wilkins to fire the church again testing how far Wilkins' new found loyalty to the British Army will go. After some goading by Tavington, Wilkins does as ordered. His last scene of dialogue is a throw-away during the film's final battle sequence.

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