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Redcoat Lieutenant Redcoat Lieutenant

Portrayed by: Grahame Wood

This British lieutenant doesn't even have a name, but he does speak and he is important in that he shows that not all British soldiers were brutal during the American Revolution, as many have charged that The Patriot portrays. This lieutenant is actually the first speaking British officer that we encounter and he thanks Benjamin Martin for helping the wounded even as he observes that there are American Continental wounded as well.

The lieutenant's gives looks of doubt and even horror at Colonel William Tavington's tactics of aiming his pistol at and frightening the Martin children. Colonel Tavington even has to repeat himself to get the lieutenant to follow his orders to have the Continental wounded shot and the Martin family home burned. The lieutenant does so, but obviously out of fear for his own life (insubordination could carry the penalty of death). He knows that Tavington has already ordered Gabriel to be hung and shot Thomas. He doesn't want to be the next victim of Tavington.

The lieutenant's reluctance is not enough to save him. Since he did comply with Colonel Tavington's orders, he leads the British patrol that is taking Gabriel to Camden. As such, he is one of the first to be killed as Benjamin, Nathan and Samuel carry out their ambush to save Gabriel.

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