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Colonel Harry Burwell General Nathanael Greene

Portrayed by: Andy Stahl

Suggested by General Nathanael Greene:
- Film Fact or Fiction
- History

General Nathanael Greene has only one scene, but Greene is a historical character. He is the only American historical character to be portrayed in the final theatrical cut of the film.

The comments Greene makes in the film about the unreliability of militia echoed the sentiment of the real General Greene, who made similar comments in his letters on several occasions. Those sentiments came from the poor performance of militia during the American defense of New York in 1776. Greene did not trust the militia with essential defensive operations for the remainder of the war.

Upon his arrival in the South, General Greene had ordered General Daniel Morgan to harass, but not directly engage British forces. Morgan had to rely on militia to stregthen his numbers. However, Morgan listened to his experienced officers and came up with the strategy of using militia as decoys attributed to Benjamin Martin in the film.

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