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The Patriot DVD Extras: Conceptual Art to Film Comparisons
The Art of War: Pic 1

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The Art of War: Pic 2

There are thirteen Interactive Conceptual Art to Film Comparisons:

1. Patriot militia ambush a British detachment in the swamp (seen above).

2. a battle scene with the opposing lines facing one another in a long parallel shot;

3. Charleston Harbor filled with ships.

4. Colonel Burwell speaks to the South Carolina State Assembly.

5. Benjamin Martin's militia ride through the swamp approaching their island hideout.

6. the tavern where Benjamin Martin recruits his militia;

7. John Billings' burned out home;

8. the Martin family approaching Charleston;

9. Benjamin visiting his wife's grave;

10. the British detachment delivering Gabriel for hanging;

11. Pembroke Village;

12. Gabriel watches the Battle of Camden;

13. Charleston docks.

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