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Batman: The Animated Series Main Characters
Batman/Bruce Wayne ( Kevin Conroy): Wealthy industrialist whose parents were killed when he was a young boy. His guilt and desire for vengence has brought about Batman, an alterego who pursues justice through means outside the system.

Alfred Pennyworth (Efrem Zimbalist Jr): Bruce Wayne's butler, surrogate father and accomplice in his pursuits as Batman.

Dick Grayson/Robin (Loren Lester): Orphaned when he was a young boy when his parents were killed in a circus accident. Bruce Wayne took him in, having faced similar circumstances when he was a boy. He eventually allows Dick to join him in Batman's pursuits of justice.

Commissioner James Gordon (Bob Hastings): He's long been a source of information for Bruce Wayne and Batman. Bruce Wanye and his daughter, Barbara, have long been close friends.

Dr. Leslie Thompkins (Diana Muldaur): A confidant of Bruce Wayne's. She is like a surrogate mother in whom he confides some of his most personal internal conflicts.

Det. Harvey Bullock (Robert Costanzo): A hard-nosed street cop who sees Batman as nothing more than a vigilante who is as bad as the criminals that he pursues.

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl (Melissa Gilbert): Daughter of Commissioner James Gordon and a close friend of Bruce Wayne.

The Joker (Mark Hamill): Batman's archenemy. He is brilliant, but not completely sane.

Harley Quinn (Arlene Sorkin): The Joker's girlfriend. She gleefully assists him in his crazy schemes.

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