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Batman: The Animated Series Volume 4 DVD Details
(Batman: Gotham Knights):

DVD #1:
Holiday Knights
Sins of the Father
Cold Comfort
Double Talk
You Scratch My Back
Never Fear
DVD #2:
Joker's Millions
Growing Pains
Love is a Croc
Torch Song
The Ultimate Thrill
Over the Edge

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DVD #3:
Mean Seasons
Cult of the Cat
Animal Act
Old Wounds
The Demon Within
DVD #4:
Legends of the Dark Knight
Girls' Nite Out
Mad Love
Beware the Creeper
Judgment Day

— Audio Commentary on "Over the Edge," "Critters" and "Legends of the Dark Knight" by Producer Bruce Timm, Producer Paul Dini, Director Dan Riba, Art Director Glen Murakami and Storyboard Artist James Tucker.
Interactive Arkham Asylum Featurette: Visit the Dark Knight's many foes inside Arkham Asylum and get a peak at their case files inside of a top secret file cabinet.
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