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Batman Beyond

Season 1 Episodes:
Secret Origins (3 Parts): Superman assumes guardianship of Earth, but is overwhelmed by an alien attack until some other Superheroes lend a hand.

In Blackest Night (2 Parts): Green Lantern stands trial for destroying an entire planet and its inhabitants.

The Enemy Below (2 Parts): The surface-dwellers run afoul of Aquaman, who has his own problems to deal with back in Atlantis.

Injustice For All (2 Parts): Lex Luthor puts together his own league of villains.

Paradise Lost (2 Parts): Wonder Woman returns home to find the Amazons have been turned to statues by a sorcerer.

War World (2 Parts): Superman is forced to fight in a alien gladatorial arena.

The Brave and the Bold (2 Parts): A string of crimes lead the Justice League to learn of the existance of a highly developed ape civilization.

Fury (2 Parts): A renegade Amazon uses the league of villains to further her plan in wiping all men.

Legends (2 Parts): Four members of the Justice League find themselves in an alternate dimension.

A Knight with Shadows (2 Parts): The Justice League battles Morgana and her son, Mordred.

Metamorphosis (2 Parts): An old Friend of Green Lantern's is turned against the Justice League and unwittingly used by his employer in an experiment.

The Savage Time (3 Parts): The Justice League travels back to World War II to undo changes in Earth's timeline.

Season 1 DVD Details:
  • All 26 Season 1 Episodes
  • Commentary on "The Enemy Below, Part 2" by
    Bruce Timm, James Tucker, Glen Murakami, Rich Fogel and Dan Riba
  • Commentary on "Legends, Part 2" by
    Bruce Timm, James Tucker, Glen Murakami, Rich Fogel and Dan Riba
  • Commentary on "The Savage Time, Part 2" by
    Bruce Timm, James Tucker, Glen MuraKami, Rich Fogel and Dan Riba
  • Inside Justice League: WB animation pitch promo for proposed series
  • Justice League: The First Mission: Never Before Seen promo
  • Storyboards: The Blueprint for Justice:
    Showrunners discuss the series' storyboarding process
  • The Look of the League: Bruce Timm discusses character design for the series
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