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Batman Beyond

Season 2 Episodes:
Twilight (2 Parts): The Justice League has no choice but to ally with Darkseid against an even greater threat to both.

Tabula Rasa (2 Parts): In an effort to defeat the Justice League, Lex Luthor reactivates a LexCorp android capable of replicating anyone's powers.

Only a Dream (2 Parts): As the members of the Justice League sleep, Dr. Destiny goes after them in their dreams.

Maid of Honor (2 Parts): Savage is back, having taken over a small country to use it's space program to his own ends.

Hearts and Minds (2 Parts): Green Lantern (and later the rest of the Justice League) leaves to help the other Green Lanterns take on Despero.

A Better World (2 Parts): The Justice Lords, the Justice League's counterparts from another dimension, capture the Justice League.

Eclipsed (2 Parts): A strange gem corrupts all who touch it including almost all of the Justice League.

The Terror Beyond (2 Parts): Aquaman, Solomon Grundy and the Justice League battle the Old Ones.

Secret Society (2 Parts): Gorilla Grodd is back now leading his own group of villains to take on the Justice League.

Hereafter (2 Parts): Superman is willing to give the ultimate sacrafice, but instead finds himself in a devastated future with Vandal Savage.

Wild Cards (2 Parts): The Joker and his gang take on the Justice League.

Comfort and Joy: The Justice League split up to celebrate Christmas..

Starcrossed (3 Parts): Hawkgirl's people arrive on Earth intent on conquering it.

Season 2 DVD Details:
  • All 26 Season 2 Episodes
  • Audio Commentary on "Twilight, Part 1" by
    Bruce Timm, James Tucker, Butch Lukic and Dwayne McDuffie
  • Audio Commentary on "A Better World, Part 2" by
    Bruce Timm, James Tucker, Stan Berkowitz and Dwayne McDuffie
  • Audio Commentary on "Starcrossed, Part 3" by
    Bruce Timm, James Tucker, Butch Lukic and Dwayne McDuffie
  • Justice League Declassified: Behind the Scenes with the Show's Creators
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