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Samurai Jack

Season 1 Episode Summaries:
I - The Beginning: When Aku is reborn to set forth on his reign of terror, a young samurai attempts to slay him with a mighty sword, but Aku baanishes the warrior to the future.

II - The Samurai Called Jack: After landing in thefuture, the samurai, now named Jack, begins his quest for Aku.

III - The First Fight: Jack attempts to beat back Aku's army and save a race of canine archaeologists.

IV - Jack, the Woolies, and the Chritchellites: Jack helps free the Woolies from the tyrannical Chritchellites.

V - Jack in Space: Jack and a group of scientists join forces to try to escape the wrath of Aku.

VI - Jack and the Warrior Woman: A mysterious female warrior joins Jack in his quest, but is she really an ally?

VII - Jack and the Three Blind Archers: Jack must get past three mysterious archers to reach an all-powerful wishing well.

VIII - Jack vs. Mad Jack: Jack must do buttle with his darker self, Mad Jack.

IX - Jack Under the Sea: Jack has an underwater adventure while hunting for an ancient time portal.

X - Jack and the Lava Monster: Jack survives a cave full of challenges only to find an old warrior longing to reach Valhalla.

XI - Jack and the Scotsman: When Jack and a Scotsman meet on a never-ending bridge, they end up shackled together and on the run from bounty hunters.

XII - Jack and the Gangsters: Jack hooks up with some Chicago gangsters to try to get close to Aku.

XIII - Aku's Fairy Tales: Aku tells three fairy tales, with a decidedly skewed point of view. original content and design Copyright © 1999- Scott Cummings, All Rights Reserved. Privacy Statement.