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Samurai Jack

Season 3 Episode Summaries:
XXVII - Chicken Jack: A wizard turns Jack into a chicken and Jack has to figure out how to get changed back.

XXVIII - Jack and the Rave: Jack finds a town where the children have been brainwashed by Aku's music.

XXIX - The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful: Jack finds himself being pursued by bounty hunters Ezekial Clench and his ex-wife Josephine on an Old West-style train.

XXX - Jack and the Zombies: Jack ends up in a graveyard where he has to fight an army of undead warriors.

XXXI - Jack in Egypt: Aku sends the minions of Set after Jack, who finds something familiar about it all.

XXXII - Jack and the Traveling Creatures: Jack comes upon a mysterious lake where creatures guide him to a passage through time and its Guardian.

XXXIII - Jack and the Creature: Jack is followed by a friendly creature, who inadvertedly keeps getting in the way.

XXXIV - Jack and Swamp Monster: Jack encounters a hermit who leads him to three gems of the titans.

XXXV - Jack and the Haunted House: Jack comes upon a haunted house and frees the family trapped inside..

XXXVI - Jack, the Monks and the Ancient Master's Son: Jack finds a hidden Shaolin temple and they promise to guide him to a time portal.

XXXVII - The Birth of Evil, Part 1: The tale of how Aku came into existence and battled Jack's father.

XXXVIII - The Birth of Evil, Part 2: The tale of how Aku came into existence and battled Jack's father.

XXXIX - Jack and the Labyrinth: Jack finds a labyrith where he could find a dimond that could send him back to his time. original content and design Copyright © 1999- Scott Cummings, All Rights Reserved. Privacy Statement.