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Wonder Woman

Following the 1970's TV trend of adapting well-known comic heroes to live action series, Wonder Woman stars Lynda Carter. In Season One, she aids America's war against the Nazis during World War II with Major Steve Trevor (Lyle Waggoner). When the series moved from ABC to CBS for Season Two and Three, it's the 70's. Flashing forward 35 years from her stirring Season-One adventures defending America in World War II.

Without missing a beat, Wonder Woman leaps from the big-band era to the disco decade, still miraculously young and still using wits, wiles and astonishing powers to fight evil. Teaming with Steve Trevor, son of the dashing major she worked with during World War II, she takes the name Diana Prince - and takes on all kinds of danger from terrorists, mad geniuses, crooks, a diabolical rock star, a time traveler from the year 2155, a brain with no body, a dating service that's serving up death, bazillions of hungry ants and a sculptor whose statues come to life and become his partners in crime. while working for America's Inter-Agency Defense Command.

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Wonder Woman Season 1 DVD includes:
- All 14 1st season episodes
- Pilot Episode Commentary by Lynda Carter and Executive Producer Douglas S. Kramer
- "Beauty, Brawn and Bulletproof Bracelets:  A Wonder Woman Retrospective" Featurette
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Wonder Woman Season 2 DVD includes:
- All 22 2nd season episodes
- Documentary: "Revolutionizing a Classic: From Comic Book to Television"
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Wonder Woman Season 3 DVD includes:
- All 24 3nd season episodes
- Audio Commentary by Lynda Carter for "My Teenage Idol is Missing"
- Documentary: "Wonder Woman: The Ultimate Feminist Icon"
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