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Wonder Woman Season 2 Episode Summaries:

Episode 1: The Return of Wonder Woman; Written by Stephen Kandel; Directed by Alan Crosland; 9/16/77
A terrorist act has one good outcome: Wonder Woman return to fight evil after thirty-five years.

Episode 2: Anschluss '77; Written by Dallas L. Barnes; Directed by Alan Crosland; 9/23/77
A second chance for the Third Reich? Diana battles remnants of Hitler's command.

Episode 3: The Man Who Could Move the World;
Written by Judy Burns; Directed by Bob Kelljan; 9/30/77
A scientist's experiments in telekinesis unleash a fearsome power aimed at Wonder Woman.

Episode 4: The Bermuda Triangle Crisis; Written by Calvin Clements, Jr. Directed by Seymour Robbie; 10/7/77
Trouble in paradise! The U.S. proposes a nuclear facility near Wonder Woman's home, Paradise Island.

Episode 5: Knockout; Written by Mark Rodgers; Directed by Seymour Robbie; 10/14/77
Wonder Woman matches wits with a gorgeous, gun-toting terrorists who's kidnapped Steve.

Episode 6: The Pied Piper; Teleplay by David Ketchum, Tony DiMarco & Brian McKay; Story by David Ketchum & Tony DiMarco; Directed by Alan Crosland; 10/21/77
A rock god uses hypnosis to control his entourage of thieving groupies.

Episode 7: The Queen and the Thief; Written by Bruce Shelly; Directed by Jack Arnold; 10/28/77
To protect a queen's jewels, Diana and Steve go undercover at the millionaires', Palm Beach.

Episode 8: I Do, I Do; Written by Richard Carr; Directed by Herb Wallerstein; 11/11/77
A massage, a facial and a state secret: Diana visits a spa to investigate government information leaks.

Episode 9: The Man Who Made Volcanoes;
Teleplay by Brian McKay and Dan Ullman; Story by Wilton Denmark; Directed by Alan Crosland; 11/18/77
The world's in hot lava when a mad scientist figures out how to make volcanoes blow their tops on cue.

Episode 10: Mind Stealers from Outer Space Part 1; Written by Setphen Kandel; Director: Michael Caffey; 12/02/77
Brain Drain! Aliens land near Washington, DC, to steal human minds- and later sell them in outer space.

Episode 11: Mind Stealers from Outer Space Part 2; Written by Stephen Kandel; Director: Alan Crosland; 12/09/77
How do you spell IQ? The aliens enlarge their hunt, targeting the top brains from a think tank.

Episode 12: The Deadly Toys; Teleplay by Anne Collins; Story by Carey Wilber; Directed by Dick Moder; 12/30/77
During Yuletide, a demented toymaker uses android scientists for a nefarious purpose.

Episode 13: Light-Fingered Lady; Written by Bruce Shelly; Directed by Alan Crosland; 1/06/78
She's an undersover cover girl: Diana infiltrates a gang planning a multimillion-dollar heist.

Episode 14: Screaming Javelin; Written by Brian McKay; Directed by Michael Caffey; 1/20/78
Going for the gold: a megalomaniac kidnaps great athletes to form a world-champion team.

Episode 15: Diana's Disappearing Act; Writer: S. S. Schewitzer; Director: Michael Caffey; 2/03/78
Presto change-O! A magician's trick that transforms lead into gold threatens the global economy.

Episode 16: Death in Disguise; Written by Tom Sawyer; Directed by Alan Crosland; 2/10/78
She might as well put a bull's-eye on her forehead. Diana steps between an industrialist and assassins.

Episode 17: IRAC Is Missing; Written by Anne Collins; Directed by Alexander Singer; 2/17/78
The Computer called IRAC fears digital thieves will steal its memory bank.

Episode 18: Flight to Oblivion; Written by Patrick Mathews; Directed by Alan Crosland; 3/03/78
Diana poses as a photographer to defend a secret test flight from sabotage.

Episode 19: Seance of Terror; Written by Bruce Shelly; Directed by Dick Moder; 3/10/78
A boy psychic is manipulated by his evil guardian to thwart a peace conference.

Episode 20: The Man Who Wouldn't Tell; Writer: Anne Collins; Director: Alan Crosland; 3/31/78
Evildoers pursue a janitor who concocts a powerful new explosive.

Episode 21: The Girl from Ilandia; Written by Anne Collins; Directed by Dick Moder; 4/07/78
A sweet little girl from another dimension depends on Wonder Woman for protection.

Episode 22: The Murderous Missile; Written by Dick Nelson; Directed by Kick Moder; 4/21/78
A small-town sheriff is the wrong arm of the law when he interferes with Diana's mission.

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