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Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman Season 3 Episodes:

Episode 1: My Teenage Idol Is Missing; Written by Anne Collins; Directed by Seymour Robbie; 9/22/78
Switcheroo! A teenage singing sensation is kidnapped - and his long-lost twin takes his place.

Episode 2: Hot Wheels; Written by Dennis Landa; Directed by Dick Moder; 9/29/78
Thieves heist a Rolls Royce that's more valuable than it seems: a secret document is hidden inside.

Episode 3: The Deadly Sting; Written by Dick Nelson; Directed by Alan Crosland; 10/6/78
Gambling's a sure thing when something keeps turning underdog football teams into winners .

Episode 4: The Fine Art of Crime; Written by Anne Collins; Directed by Dick Moder; 10/13/78
An artist's speciality is lifelike statues. Are they so lifelike they can steal at the artist's bidding?

Episode 5: Disco Devil; Written by: Alan Brennert; Directed by Leslie H. Martinson; 10/20/78
The music made me do it! Government officials lose their minds at a red-hot DC disco.

Episode 6: Formicida; Written by Katharyn Michaelian Powers; Directed by Alan Crosland; 11/3/78
Tiny six-legged monsters: hordes of arts are unleashed against a pesticide manufacturer.

Episode 7: Time Bomb; Written by David Wise and Kathleen Barnes; Directed by Seymour Robbie; 11/10/78
Wonder Woman races the clock to thwart a time traveler rom 2155 who's after 20th-century wealth.

Episode 8: Skateboard Wiz; Written by Alan Brennert; Directed by Leslie H. Martinson; 11/24/78
On vacation, Diana teams with a young skateboarder to expose illicit gambling.

Episode 9: The Deadly Dolphin; Written by Jackson Gillis; Directed by Sigmund Neufeld Jr.; 12/1/78
Commotion in the ocean: a greedy land developer has evil plans for a Navy-trained dolphin.

Episode 10: Stolen Faces; Written by Richard Carr and Anne Collins; Directed by Leslie H. Martinson; 12/15/78
Two Wonder Women mean double trouble for Diana. Who's the imposters? And what is she up to?

Episode 11: Pot of Gold; Written by Michael McGreevey; Directed by Gordon Hessler; 12/22/78
Christmas brings Wonder Woman her own elf: an Irish cobbler with hidden gold and a gift for magic.

Episode 12: Gault's Brain; Written by Arthur Weingarten; Story: John Gaynor; Director: Gordon Hessler; 12/29/78
The billionaire's dead, but his brain lives on. Now all it needs is a new body - preferably young.

Episode 13: Going, Going, Gone;
Written by Anne Collins and Patrick Mathews; Story by Patrick Mathews; Directed by Alan Crosland; 1/12/79
Neara Catalina Island, a UFO forces down a Soviet jet carrying dangerous cargo: a nuclear warhead.

Episode 14: Spaced Out; Written by Bill Taylor; Directed by Ivan Dixon; 1/26/79
A sci-fi convention attracts fans, nerds, wannabes and a thief on the trail of secret laser crystals.

Episode 15: The Starships Are Coming; 2/2/79
Written by Glen Olson, Rod Baker & Anne Collins; Story by Glen Olson & Rod Baker; Directed by Alan Crosland;
A barrage of UFOs terrifies a sleepy little town. Is it a hoax...or the start of an alien invasion?

Episode 16: Amazon Hot Wax; Written by Alan Brennert; Directed by Ray Austin; 2/16/79
Diana poses as a singer to discover who's making illegal dough-re-mi in he recording biz.

Episode 17: The Richest Man in the World; Writer: Jackson Gillis & Anne Collins; Director:Don McDougall; 2/19/79
Missing: a Howard Hughes-like magnate and his incredible invention, Diana and Steve are on the job.

Episode 18: A Date with Doomsday; Written by Roland Starke & Dennis Landa; Director: Curtis Harrington; 3/10/79
A dating service and a vial o toxin - what's the link? Diana swings into the dating scene to find out.

Episode 19: The Girl with a Gift for Disaster; Written by Alan Brennert; Directed by Alan Crosland; 3/17/79
Baby, you've got what it takes! A thief puts his girlfriend's telekinetic powers to criminal use.

Episode 20: The Boy Who Knew Her Secret, Part 1; Written by Anne Collins; Director: Leslie H. Martinson; 5/28/79
Pyramids from outer space seem to change Earthlings into mindless slaves under alien control.

Episode 21: The Boy Who Knew Her Secret, Part 2; Written by Anne Collins; Director: Leslie H. Martinson; 5/29/79
A boy who's helping Diana overcome the alien menace discovers her identity as Wonder Woman.

Episode 22: The Man Who Could Not Die; Written by Anne Collins; Directed by John Newland; 8/28/79
Has Wonder Woman met her match? A man with strange powers may be more than she can handle.

Episode 23: Phantom of the Roller Coaster, Part 1; Written by Anne Collins; Directed by John Newland; 9/4/79
A phantom lurks in the subterranean passages beneath the thrill rides at Fun Universe.

Episode 24: Phantom of the Roller Coaster, Part 2; Written by Anne Collins; Directed by John Newland; 9/11/79
Two spooks at Fun Universe: the phantom and a spy who's determined to set up a surveillance operation.

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