Background: Afghanistan

522-486 B.C.: Part of the Persian Empire;

329-326 B.C.: Conquered and fitfully ruled by Alexander the Great;

50 A.D: Kushan rule; Buddhist Gandharan culture reaches its height;

220 A.D.: Kushan dynasty breaks apart;

400 A.D.: Invasion of White Huns; Buddhist culture destroyed;

425-550 A.D.: Independent Yaftalee rule;

550 A.D.: Reconquered by the Persians;

652 A.D.: Arabs introduce Islam into the country.

962-1140 A.D.: Islamic Ghaznavid Dynasty;

1219-1221 A.D.: Invaded by Genghis Khan;

1273 A.D.: Crossed by Marco Polo;

1370-1404 A.D.: Ruled by Tamerlane;

1504-1519 A.D.: Babur, Moghul dynasty founder, takes control of Kabul;

1520-1579 A.D.: Bayazid Roshan revolts against the Moghul rule.

1613-1689 A.D.: Khushhal Khan Khattak revolts against Moghul rule.

1708 A.D.: Mir Wais makes Kandahar independent of Safavid Persia.

1722 A.D.: Mir Wais' son, Mir Mahmud, invades Persia.

1725 A.D.:
April 25: Mir Mahmud is mysteriously killed after going mad.
- Afghans start to lose control of Persia.

1736 A.D.: Nadir Shah (head of Persia) occupies southwest Afghanistan;

1738 A.D.: Nadir Shah takes Kandahar;