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Battle of Quebec
Battle of Quebec

Date: December 31, 1775
Location: Quebec, Canada
Victor: British Maj. General Guy Carleton
Defeated: Continental Maj. General Richard Montgomery
Other Notables: Continental Captain Daniel Morgan

On May 10, 1775, Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold had captured Fort Ticonderoga. On June 27, the Continental Congress authorized an invasion of Canada, which Brig. General Richard Montgomery received. On August 27, General Montgomery set out for Canada and established a base of operations at Ile Aux Noix, Quebec on September 5, 1775.

Meanwhile, in Massachusetts on September 13, Benedict Arnold set out for Canada in command of 1,000 volunteers including Captain Daniel Morgan. Arnold planned to march up through Maine into Canada. The route turned out to be very difficult for the poorly supplied force with many portages to navigate, snowstorms and illness. On November 8, Benedict Arnold arrived at Point Levis on the St. Lawrence River, opposite of Quebec City. On December 3, General Montgomery arrived at Point-Aux-Trembles with only 350 men, having left the rest at Montreal.

General Montgomery and Arnold chose to attack under cover of storm on December 30. They attacked from two locations, but within a few minutes Montgomery was dead and Arnold was wounded. Captain Morgan took over for Arnold and led his men into the city. When they reached rendezvous, they waited for Montgomery. This indecision allowed the British time to regroup and drive the Americans back out of the city. Eventually, Morgan and his men were forced to surrender.

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