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Battle of Camden
Battle of Camden

Date: August 16, 1780
Location: Camden, South Carolina
Victor: British Lt. General Charles Earl Cornwallis
Defeated: Continental Maj. General Horatio Gates
Other Notables: British Lt. Colonel Banastre Tarleton

In May 1780, Charleston fell to the British. In June 1780, the Hero of Saratoga, Maj. General Horatio Gates arrived in the South with plans of duplicating his quick victorious campaign in the North. Gates immediately marched for Camden, South Carolina to capture the outpost there. Back in Charleston, Lt. General Charles Earl Cornwallis learned of Gates' march and made for Camden himself.

On evening of August 15, the two armies literally ran into each other. The next morning, they met on the battlefield. The experienced British regulars easily intimidated the green militia that made up two-thirds of General Gates' force. Many militia fled before even firing a shot. Gates was routed, Maj. General Baron de Kalb was killed in the fighting and Gates himself retreated forty miles on the same day.

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