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Battle of Fort Sullivan
Battle of Fort Sullivan

Date: June 28, 1776
Location: Charleston, South Carolina
Victor: Colonel William Moultrie
Defeated: British Maj. General Henry Clinton/Commodore Peter Parker
Other Notables: Continental Maj. General Charles Lee, Francis Marion

Following their costly victory at Bunker Hill, the British now knew they had a real fight on their hands. They looked to a quick compaign in the Southern colonies where they expected resistance to be weakest and support to be strongest. They believed it would a simple matter to capture the Southern port cities of Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina. This would eliminate the Rebels there, swell the army's ranks with Tory volunteers and leave only Virginia and New England to be subjugated.

After debating the method of attack, the British chose a direct approach to Charleston by way of the harbor, but they found stiff resistance from Fort Sullivan. After sustaining severe damages to several of their ships, the British withdrew. They sailed back north and would not return to campaign until 1780.

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