Southern Theatre:
Southern Theatre

"Good Lord, our God that art in heaven, we have great reason to thank thee for the many favors we have received at thy hands, the many battles we have won.
"There is the great and glorious battle of King's Mountain, where we kilt the great Gineral Ferguson and took his whole army. And the great battles of Ramsours's and at Williamson's. And the ever-memorable and glorious battle of Coopens, where we made the proud Gineral Tarleton run doon the road helter-skelter, and, Good Lord, if ye had na suffered the cruel Tories to burn Billy Hill's Iron Works, we would na have asked any mair favors at thy hands. Amen."
- Prayer by John Miller found in Rebels & Redcoats

This area focuses solely on the Southern Theatre of the Revolutionary War, which encompassed the Lower Colonies of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

Currently online:
- Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge - February 27, 1776
- Battle of Fort Sullivan - June 28, 1776 (First Battle of Charleston)
- Overview of the Southern Campaign (1780-1781)
- Continental Commanders of the Southern Department

Elijah Clarke (Militia/Patriot)
Sir Henry Clinton (British)- Fort Sullivan, Charleston
Charles Cornwallis (British) - Fort Sullivan, Charleston, Camden, Guilford Courthouse, Yorktown
Patrick Ferguson (British) - King's Mountain
Horatio Gates - (Continental) - Camden
Nathanael Greene (Continental) - Guilford Courthouse
Charles Lee (Continental) - Fort Sullivan
Henry Lee (Continental) - Guilford Courthouse
Benjamin Lincoln (Continental) - Charleston
Francis Marion (Militia/Patriot) - Fort Sullivan
Daniel Morgan (Continentals) - Cowpens
William Moultrie (Militia/Patriot) - Fort Sullivan
Charles O'Hara (British) - Guilford Courthouse, Yorktown
Andrew Pickens (Militia/Patriot) - Cowpens
John Sevier (Militia/Patriot) - King's Mountain
Isaac Shelby (Militia/Patriot) - King's Mountain
Thomas Sumter (Militia/Patriot) - Fort Sullivan
Banastre Tarleton (British) - Fort Sullivan, Monck's Corner, Charleston, Waxhaws, Camden, Cowpens, Guilford Courthouse

Battles of the War
Southern Theatre

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