Timelines of the American Revolution
The Southern Theater: 1775-1779

April 18-19 - Paul Revere's Ride
April 19 - The Revolutionary War starts after skirmishing at Lexington and Concord
April 21 - Patriots in Charleston, South Carolina remove powder from the public magazines.
May 10 - Second Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia without delegates from Georgia.
May 11 - Patriots in Savannah, Georgia remove powder from the royal magazines.
June 15 - George Washington is commissioned General and Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army.
June 17 - Charles Lee is commissioned as the 2nd Major General of the Continental Army.
June 17 - Horatio Gates is commissioned Adjutant General of the Continental Army with a field rank of Brigadier General.
June 22 - Nathanael Greene is commissioned as the 9th Brigadier General of the Continental Army.
July 12 - Patriots capture Fort Charlotte, South Carolina.
July 18 - Josiah Martin, Governor of North Carolina, boards the British sloop Cruzier.
September 15 - William Campbell, Governor of South Carolina, boards the British sloop Temar.
October 10 - Maj. General William Howe replaces Lt. General Thomas Gage as the Commander-in-Chief of the British Army in America.
November 22 - Patriots defeat a small Loyalist force at Reedy Creek, South Carolina.

February 11 - Sir James Wright, Royal Governor of Georgia, boards a British warship.
February 27 - Continental Congress establishes the Southern Department of the Continental Army, consisting of Virginia, North and South Carolina and Georgia.
February 27 - Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge. Patriot militia Colonel James Moore defeats Tory Lt. Colonel Donald McLeod.
March 1 - Maj. General Charles Lee is selected as the first Southern Department Commander.
March 7 - Sir James Wright, Royal Governor of Georgia, fails to recapture Savannah, Georgia.
June 4 - British fleet arrives off coast near Charleston, South Carolina.
June 4 - Maj. General Charles Lee arrives in Charleston, South Carolina.
June 28 - Battle of Fort Sullivan; Charleston, South Carolina. Colonel William Moultrie defeats Admiral Sir Peter Parker.
July 4 - The Declaration of Independence is signed.
July - Cherokee Indians attack Patriot settlements along the Virginia and Carolina frontiers.
August - Brig. General Robert Howe launches a failed invasion of British East Florida.
September 9 - Maj. General Robert Howe replaces Maj. General Charles Lee as Southern Department Commander.

March 21 - Lt. General Henry Clinton replaces Maj. General William Howe as Commander-in-Chief of the British Army in America.
May 4 - Congress ratifies treaties of alliance and commerce between American and France.
September 25 - Continental Congress appoints Maj. General Benjamin Lincoln to replace Maj. General Robert Howe as Southern Department Commander.
December 29 - First Battle of Savannah. Lt. Colonel Archibald Campbell defeats Maj. General Robert Howe and the British occupy Savannah, Georgia.

January 29 - British Lt. Colonel Archibald Campbell occupies Augusta, Georgia.
February 3 - Brig. General William Moultrie defends Beaufort, South Carolina.
February 14 - Battle of Kettle Creek, Georgia.
Andrew Pickens and Elijah Clarke defeat North Carolina Tories.
March 3 - North Carolina militia are defeated by the British at Briar Creek, Georgia
May 11 - Maj. General Benjamin Lincoln occupies Augusta, Georgia.
June 21 - Spain declares war on Britain.
September 16-October 10 - Second Battle of Savannah.
Maj. General Benjamin Lincoln and French Admiral D'Estaing lay siege to Savannah, Georgia.

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