Timelines of the American Revolution
The Southern Theater: 1780-1783

April 2-May 12 - Second Battle of Charleston, South Carolina. Maj. General Benjamin Lincoln surrenders to Lt. General Henry Clinton.
April 14 - Battle of Monck's Corner, South Carolina. Lt. Colonel Banastre Tarleton defeats General Isaac Huger.
May 7(?) - Maj. General Horatio Gates is named new Southern Department Commander.
May 29 - Battle of Waxhaws;Waxhaws, South Carolina. Lt. Colonel Banastre Tarleton defeats Colonel Abraham Buford.
June 20 - Patriot militia defeat Tories at Ramsour's Mill.
July 12 - Thomas Sumter defeats Tories at Williamson's Plantation.
July 25 - Maj. General Horatio Gates assumes command of the Southern Continental Army.
August 1 - Patriot militia skirmish with Major Patrick Ferguson's Tories at Green Spring.
August 1 - Thomas Sumter leads unsuccessful attack at Rocky Mount, South Carolina.
August 6 - Battle of Hanging Rock. Thomas Sumter defeats Tory garrison at Hanging Rock, South Carolina.
August 8 - Elijah Clarke and Isaac Shelby skirmish with Major Patrick Ferguson at Cedar Springs, South Carolina.
August 15 - Thomas Sumter captures the Wateree Ferry.
August 16 - Battle of Camden, South Carolina. Lt. General Charles Cornwallis defeats Maj. General Horatio Gates.
August 17 - Lt. Colonel Banastre Tarleton defeats Thomas Sumter at Fishing Creek.
August 18 - Elijah Clarke and Isaac Shelby skirmish with Partisan volunteers at Musgrove's Mill.
August 20 - Francis Marion rescues Patriot prisoners at Nelson's Ferry, South Carolina.
September 21 - Militia Colonel William R. Davie surprises Tories at Wahab's Plantation.
September 26 - Lt. General Charles Cornwallis occupies Charlotte, North Carolina.
October 5 - Maj. General Nathanael Greene is named new Southern Department Commander.
October 7 - Battle of King's Mountain, South Carolina. Patriot militia defeat Major Patrick Ferguson's Tory Volunteers.
October 13 - Daniel Morgan is promoted to Brigadier General.
November 20 - Thomas Sumter defeats Lt. Colonel Banastre Tarleton at the Blackstocks.
December 2 - Maj. General Nathanael Greene takes command of the Southern Department.
December 28 - Continental cavalry defeats Tories at Hammond's Store, South Carolina.
December 30 - Francis Marion is promoted to brigadier general of the militia.

January 17 - Battle of Cowpens, South Carolina. Brig. General Daniel Morgan defeats Lt. Colonel Banastre Tarleton.
January 24 - Lt. Colonel Henry Lee and Francis Marion raid Georgetown, South Carolina.
February 1 - The British occupy Wilmington, North Carolina.
February 10 - Brig. General Daniel Morgan retires to his home in Virginia due to painful sciatica.
February 14 - Maj. General Nathanael Greene crosses the Dan River into Virginia.
February 25 - Pyle's Hacking Match; Haw River, North Carolina. Continental Lt. Colonel Henry Lee surprises and massacres Tory militia.
March 15 - Battle of Guilford Courthouse, North Carolina. Lt. General Charles Cornwallis defeats Maj. General Nathanael Greene.
March 16 - The British control Chesapeake Bay following the First Battle of the Capes.
April 25 - Battle of Hobkirk's Hill; Camden, South Carolina. Lt. Colonel Francis Lord Rawdon defeats Maj. General Nathanael Greene.
May 10 - Lt. Colonel Francis Lord Rawdon abandons Camden, South Carolina.
May 11 - British outpost at Orangeburg, South Carolina surrenders to Thomas Sumter.
May 12 - Lt. Colonel Henry Lee and Francis Marion capture Fort Motte, South Carolina.
May 15 - Lt. Colonel Henry Lee captures Fort Granby, South Carolina.
May 22-June 19 - Maj. General Nathanael Greene lays siege to Ninety-Six, South Carolina.
July 17 - Patriots capture British garrison at Monck's Corner, South Carolina.
August 1 - Lt. General Charles Cornwallis occupies Yorktown, Virginia.
August 26 - French fleet arrives off Virginia coast.
September 2 - French troops begin landing south of Yorktown, Virginia.
September 5 - The French maintained control of Chesapeake Bay at the Second Battle of the Capes.
September 8 - Battle of Eutaw Springs, South Carolina. Lt. Colonel Alexander Stewart defeats Maj. General Nathanael Greene.
September 12 - Tories capture Governor Thomas Burke at Hillsborough, North Carolina.
October 19 - Battle of Yorktown, Virginia. Lt. General Charles Cornwallis surrenders to General George Washington.
November 18 - British evacuate Wilmington, North Carolina.
December 1 - Maj. General Nathanael Greene captures garrison at Dorchester, South Carolina.
December 28-29 - Lt. Colonel Henry Lee unsuccessfully attacks Johns Island, South Carolina.

February 27 - British House of Commoms advises King George III to end the war with America.
March 26 - Maj. General Guy Carleton becomes Commander of the British Army in America.
July 11 - British evacuate Savannah, Georgia.
September 27 - Formal peace negotiations begin in Paris, France.
November 30 - Priliminary treaty recognizing American independence is signed.
December 14 - Charleston, South Carolina is last British outpost to be evacuated.

February 4 - Britain announces end of hostilities with America.
April 11 - Congress announces end of hostilities.
April 15 - Congress ratifies priliminary peace treaty with Britain.
September 3 - The Treaty of Paris is signed, ending the Revolutionary War.

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