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Battle of Saratoga
Battle of Saratoga

February 28 - Maj. General John Burgoyne submits his "Thoughts for Conducting the War on the Side of Canada" to Lord George Germain.

March 25 - Maj. General Horatio Gates is named commander at Fort Ticonderoga, New York.

March 26 - Lord Germain explains the final approved plan in a letter to Maj. General Guy Carleton.

May 6 - Maj. General Burgoyne arrives in Quebec, Canada.

June 12 - Maj. General Arthur St. Clair assumes command of Fort Ticonderoga.

June 20 - Maj. General Burgoyne sets out from St. Johns, Canada.

June 27 - Maj. General Burgoyne arrives at Crown Point, New York.

June 30 - Maj. General Burgoyne begins his approach on Fort Ticonderoga.

July 5 - Maj. General St. Clair evacuates Fort Ticonderoga.

July 6:
- Maj. General Burgoyne takes possession of Fort Ticonderoga.
- Maj. General Burgoyne captures Skenesboro after it is burned by retreating Americans.

July 7:
- Seth Warner and Maj. General St. Clair's rear guard are defeated at Hubbardton.
- The British capture Fort Anne after it is burned by retreating Americans.

July 17 - Former Continental Colonel John Stark is commissioned a Brigadier General in the New Hampshire state militia.

July 23:
- Lt. Colonel Barry St. Leger leaves Montreal, Canada.
- Maj. General William Howe learns of Maj. General Burgoyne's victory at Fort Ticonderoga.

July 25 - Lt. Colonel St. Leger arrives at Oswego, New York.

July 29 - Maj. General Burgoyne takes possession of Forts Edward and George.

July 30 - Brig. General Stark arrives at Manchester.

July 31 - Maj. General Burgoyne authorizes planning of a raid into the Connecticut Valley.

August 4 - Lt. Colonel St. Leger arrives at Fort Stanwix, New York.

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