Timelines of the American Revolution
Prelude to War: 1754 - 1774

- French and Indian War begins.

July 9 - Braddock's Defeat at the Monongahala River near Fort Duquesne.

October 25 - King George II dies. George William Frederick becomes King George III, King of Great Britain and Ireland.

December 2 - Writ of assistance issued in Boston.

February 10 - French and Indian War ends with the signing of the Treaty of Paris of 1763.
October 7 - King George III signs the Proclamation Act of 1763.

April 5 - Sugar Act is passed by Parliament.
September 1 - The Currency Act takes effect.

March 22 - The Stamp Act is passed by Parliament
May 15 - Quartering Act takes effect.
September 21 - Resolves of the Pennsylvania Assembly on the Stamp Act.
October 7 - The Stamp Act Congress meets in New York City.
October 17 - The Stamp Act Congress passes Resolutions protesting the Stamp Act
October 19 - Declaration of Rights is passed by the Stamp Act Congress
October 25 - Massachusetts Assembly Responds to Governor Francis Bernard
October 29 - Resolutions of the Massachusetts Assembly on the Stamp Act (Massachusetts Resolves).
October 31 - New York merchants enter into a Non-Importation Agreement.
November 1 - The Stamp Act takes effect.

March 18 - The Stamp Act is repealed by Parliament.
March 18 - The Declaratory Act is passed by Parliament.
April 24 - News of the repeal of the Stamp Act reaches the American colonies.
May 16 - The Stamp Act Repeal takes effect.

July 2 - The Townshend Act is passed by Parliament.
July 2 - The New York Restraining Act is passed by Parliament.
October 1 - The New York Assembly is suspended as the New York Restraining Act takes effect.
November 20 - The Townshend Act takes effect.

February 11 - The Massachusetts Circular Letter is adopted by the Massachusetts House of Representatives.
June 10 - John Hancock's ship, Liberty is seized by customs collectors.
August 1 - Boston merchants enter into a Non-Importation Agreement.
October 1 - British soldiers occupy Boston, Massachusetts.

July 22 - Charleston merchants enter into a Non-Importation Agreement.
September 5 - Coffee House Brawl in Boston, Massachusetts.

January 19 - Patriots riot in New York (Battle of Golden Hill).
January 20 - Patriots riot in New York (Nassau Street Riot).
March 5 - Boston Massacre.
April 12 - The Townshend Act is repealed by Parliament.

June 9 - British merchant ship Gaspee is burned near Providence, Rhode Island.
November 20 - The Boston Committee of Correspondence publishes the Rights of the Colonists.

May 10 - The Tea Act is passed by Parliament.
December 16 - Boston Tea Party.

January 20 - New York Committee of Correspondence is created.
March - Parliament enacts the Intolerable Acts
April 22 - British tea ships are boarded and tea cargo is destroyed in New York.
April 30 - Logan's Massacre at Logan's Camp, West Virginia.
May 17 - Lt. General Thomas Gage returns to America and becomes Royal Military Governor of Massachusetts.
May 20 - The Administration of Justice Act takes effect.
May 20 - The Massachusetts Government Act takes effect.
May 27 - The Virginia House of Burgesses is dissolved by Royal Governor Lord Dunmore.
June 1 - The Boston Port Bill takes effect, closing Boston Harbor.
September 1 - British soldiers sieze gunpowder stored in Charlestown, Massachusetts (Powder Alarm).
September 5 - The First Continental Congress convenes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
September 9 - Suffolk Resolves are approved in Massachusetts.
September 28 - Joseph Galloway proposes a Plan for Union at the First Continental Congress.
October 14 - The First Continental Congress adopts Declaration and Resolves.
December 14 - Patriots capture Fort William and Mary in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (Portsmouth Alarm).

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