Timelines of the American Revolution

January 17 - Battle of Cowpens, South Carolina.
Brig. General Daniel Morgan defeats Lt. Colonel Banastre Tarleton.

February 25 - Pyle's Hacking Match; Haw River, North Carolina.
Lt. Colonel Henry Lee surprises and massacres Tory militia.

March 15 - Battle of Guilford Courthouse, North Carolina.
Lt. General Charles Cornwallis defeats Maj. General Nathanael Greene.

March 16 - First Battle of the Capes.
British and French fleets battle at the entrance to Chesapeake Bay. The British hold the bay.

March 22-May 9 - Siege of Pensacola, Florida
Spanish Governor of Louisiana Don Bernardo de Gálvez captures the city.

April 15 - Battle of Hobkirk's Hill, South Carolina.
Lord Rowdon defeats Maj. General Nathanael Greene.

June 4 - Lt. Colonel Banastre Tarleton raids Charlottesville, Virginia, nearly capturing Governor Thomas Jefferson.

August 1 - Lt. General Charles Cornwallis occupies Yorktown, Virginia.

September 5 - Second Battle of the Capes.
The French maintained control of Chesapeake Bay.

September 8 - Battle of Eutaw Springs, South Carolina.
Lt. Colonel Alexander Stewart defeats Maj. General Nathanael Greene.

October 19 - End of the Battle of Yorktown, Virginia.
Lt. General Charles Cornwallis surrenders to General George Washington.

November 18 - British evacuate Wilmington, North Carolina.

November 30 - Preliminary treaty recognizing American independence is signed.

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