Lexington and Concord
Primary Documents: 1775

March 22: Conciliation with America
March 23: Patrick Henry's Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Speech
April: (5 documents) Reports of British Officers on the Battles of Lexington and Concord
April: Paul Revere's Memorandum on the Events of April 18, 1775
April 29: John Dickinson Letter to Arthur Lee Describing the Events of April 19, 1775
May 29: Continental Congress Letter to the Inhabitants of Canada
May 31: Charlotte Town Resolves
June 17: Commission of George Washington
June 20: Instructions to George Washington
June 22: British Account of Bunker Hill
June 30: Articles of War
July 6: Declaration of the Causes
July 8: Olive Branch Petition
July 13: Speech to the Six Nations
July 25: Address to the Assembly of Jamaica
July 28: Address to the Assembly of Ireland
August 23: Proclamation by the King on Suppressing Rebellion and Sedition

Picture: The Battle of Lexington. Engraving by John H. Daniels & Sons, 1903

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