Repeal of the Stamp Act
Primary Documents: The Rebellion Builds (1763-1774)

February 10: Treaty of Paris of 1763
October 7: Proclamation Act of 1763

April 5: Sugar Act
September 1: Currency Act
October 18: New York Petition to the House of Commons
November 3: Massachusetts Petition to the House of Commons
December 18: Virginia House of Burgesses Petition to the House of Commons

March 22-January 14, 1766: Stamp Act & Response (5 documents)
May 15: Quartering Act of 1765
October 25: Massachusetts Assembly to Governor Bernard
October 31: New York Merchants Non-Importation Agreement

March 18: Declaratory Act

July 2: Townshend Act

February 11: Massachusetts Circular Letter to Colonial Legislatures
August 1: Boston Non-Importation Agreement
September 13: Boston Town Meeting Resolutions

July 22: Charleston Non-Importation Agreement

March 5: (6 documents) Accounts and orations concerning the Boston Massacre

November 20: Rights of the Colonists

May 10: Tea Act
October 13: Philadelphia Resolutions
December 15: Association of the Sons of Liberty in New York
December 16: Account of the Boston Tea Party

(5 documents) Intolerable Acts. Five acts put into effect in 1774 that are grouped together.
August 1-6: Association of the Virginia Convention
September 6: Suffolk Resolves
September 28: Plan for Union
October 14: Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress
October 20: The Non-Importation Agreement (Articles of Association)

Picture: Engraving Titled "The Repeal or the Funeral Procession of Miss Americ-Stamp"

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