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The British Occupy New York City
British Occupy New York

August, 1776: British land on Long Island
September 15, 1776: British occupy New York City

Even before the Battle of Bunker Hill Lt. General Thomas Gage had considered and begun preparations for occupying New York City. When Maj. General William Howe replaced Gage in October 1775, he continued to make preparations for such an occupation.However, when General George Washington occupied Dorchester Heights in March 1776, Howe was forced to evacuate Boston and relocate to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

By June 25, 1776, when General Howe arrived off Sandy Hook, General Washington had 19,000 troops in New York, but many were inexperienced and ill-equipped. Admiral Richard Howe arrived on July 12 with 150 more ships and reinforcements. On August 12, Maj. General Henry Clinton returned from the failed Charleston Expedition. Howe began operations on August 22, 1776. On September 15, 1776, General Howe landed at Kip's Bay and entered the city of New York virtually unopposed and paused his campaign. In November, he would pursue Washington out of New York and across New Jersey.

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