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Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor (2003)
This original film from A&E Network Studios tells the true story of BENEDICT ARNOLD. After winning important victories for the breakaway colonies, Arnold (Aiden Quinn) is driven to resign by an ungrateful Congress. Coaxed back into service by his old friend George Washington (Kelsey Grammar), he is soon enmeshed in the divisive politics of Revolutionary Philadelphia. And when his love for a loyalist woman leads to scandal--and the Colonial leaders fail to support him--the stage is set for his fateful decision.
A Question of Honor
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The Crossing (2000)
It was a dark time for the American Colonies, and the Revolutionary War appeared headed for failure, when General George Washington (Jeff Daniels) launched a surprise attack on the Hessian mercenaries at Trenton. The daring plan turned the tide of the war and established Washington as the undisputed leader of the fledgling nation. Incredibly, not a single soldier of the depleted Continental Army was lost. This A&E film, scripted by Howard Fast from his novel, brings the legendary engagement that marked the defining moment of George Washington's career to life, following the general and his out-manned troops on their historic passage across the Delaware River on Christmas night, 1776 and through the battle that followed.
The Crossing
Benedict Arnold: Triumph and Treason [Biography] (1995)
The American Revolution bred many heroes whose courage and leadership on the battlefield helped the United States gain independence from Britain. During the war no man was a more effective commander than Benedict Arnold. Despite defeating the British at Ticonderoga, being wounded leading the fighting at the victory at Saratoga and engaging British warships in Lake Champlain in America's first naval battle, Arnold was continually passed over for promotion and was nearly court martialed. His treason and defection to the British made the name Benedict Arnold synonymous with traitor and his name is still used today as slang for evil and betrayal. What caused one of America's greatest patriots to become her most notorious turncoat?
Benedict Arnold
Benjamin Franklin: Citizen of the World [Biography] (1994)
BIOGRAPHY presents the life story of Benjamin Franklin and his influence on the American Revolution, scientific discovery, literature, and foreign diplomacy. It combines an overview of Franklin's personal, political and commercial experiences, and how those experiences contributed to Franklin's position as a Founding Father and as an American diplomat abroad, before, during and after the Revolution.
Benjamin Franklin
George Washington: Founding Father [Biography] (1994)
He was a gentleman farmer from Virginia, a brilliant and bold tactician who proved equally adept at leading men into battle and a young nation into the future. From his youth of privilege to his inauguration as the nation's first president, here is George Washington's remarkable life. Exploring the truths, exploding the myths, it's the portrait of a man who first distinguished himself in the British forces, before creating the army that would ultimately defeat them. His was the pivotal role in establishing the modern world's first nation with neither a king nor an emperor. This is a stirring look at the American hero who remains -- in the words of Henry Lee -- "First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen."
George Washington
John and Abigail Adams: Love and Liberty [Biography] (2002)
He was one of the guiding lights of the American Revolution and the nation's second president. She made his accomplishments possible. John and Abigail Adams sacrificed much for their dream of a new nation. John's work at the first Continental Congress in Philadelphia helped steer America towards the future. Home alone, Abigail kept their farm from ruin as war raged around her, contributing to the cause by housing the local militia and even melting down utensils to make bullets. But for decades, their contributions have been overshadowed by John's short and tumultuous term as president - a difficult assignment at best, since he was following George Washington, he made it harder with his obstinacy and independence.
John and Abigail Adams
John Paul Jones: Captain of the High Seas [Biography] (1996)
His sense of adventure brought him to America. His bravery made him the country's greatest naval hero. The son of a Scottish gardener, John Paul Jones went to sea at age 12 with the British navy, making his way to America after killing a sailor in self-defense during a mutiny. He joined the fledgling American Navy, and in 1779 became captain of the Bon Homme Richard. In an epic battle with the British frigate Serapis, he responded to the enemy captain's premature assumption of victory with the immortal words, "Sir, I have not yet begun to fight," and went on to win the battle.
John Paul Jones
Patrick Henry: Voice of Liberty [Biography] (1995)
He is remembered for seven words: "Give me liberty of give me death." More than any other founding father he represented the power of the ordinary citizens of the new nation. Patrick Henry rose from simple roots to mingle with the colonial aristocracy, helping blaze the trail to freedom alongside Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. While others led men through the influence of position, wealth, and education, Henry staked his claim on the power of his voice. He was, without a doubt, the greatest orator of his age. Discover how the speaker balanced his rhetoric with a keen political sense, and how he never wavered in his defense of individual liberty, fearing that the Constitution paved the way for domination by a central government.
Patrick Henry
Paul Revere: The Midnight Rider [Biography] (1995)
Thanks to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem in 1861, Paul Revere has been immortalized as a national folk here. This legendary man did a great deal more than just warn the patriots that the Redcoats were coming. His patriotism drove him to become an active revolutionary--engraving political cartoons, joining underground societies like the Sons of Liberty, and helping to stage the Boston Tea Party. Paul Revere's activities as courier and spy not only helped to spread the spirit of rebellion but earned him the title of Colonel in the Continental Army. After the Revolutionary War, Revere rebuilt his deteriorated business and became one of America's earliest industrialists by opening a foundry. He died a very prosperous and well-respected man.
Paul Revere
Thomas Jefferson: Philospher of Freedom [Biography] (1995)
Thomas Jefferson was one of the first great thinkers of the fledgling United States. As a member of the Continental Congress, he drafted the Declaration of Independence. As president he fought tirelessly for free speech and U.S. expansion. As a gentleman farmer he studied botany, meteorology, and designed the magnificent neo-classic Monticello. But outside the stuffy rigors of public life, Jefferson was a different man. He died at his Monticello estate, leaving debts totaling $107,274. There has long been suspicion that Jefferson fathered several illegitimate children by his slave Sally Hemings, and that he had an affair with Maria Cosway while serving as Minister to France.
Thomas Jefferson

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