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Alexander Hamilton [American Experience] (2007)
One of the most controversial men of his age, Alexander Hamilton was a gifted statesman brought down by the fatal flaws of stubbornness, extreme candor and arrogance. His life and career were marked by a stunning rise to power, scandal and tragedy. But his contributions survive. As Secretary of the Treasury during the tumultuous early years of the republic, Hamilton led the transformation of the young country into industrial powerhouse.
Alexander Hamilton
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Benjamin Franklin (2002)
The dramatic biography of an American genius whose life spanned most of the 18th century, this three-part series follows Benjamin Franklin from his humble beginnings growing up in Boston, through his determined drive for prosperity and accomplishment as a self-made businessman, publisher and civic citizen in Philadelphia, to international superstardom as a scientist and revolutionary, a founding father and America's first diplomat.
Benjamin Franklin
John and Abigail Adams [American Experience] (2005)
Relying on the correspondence between the second president and his wife, this joint biography sheds light on the characters of two remarkable people and the tumultuous times through which they lived. In addition to a window onto the revolutionary era, John and Abigail's story provides an intimate look inside a marriage of true companions, for whom life included the great events of history, but also laughter, affection, and family tragedy.
John and Abigail Adams
Lafayette: The Lost Hero (2010)
LAFAYETTE: THE LOST HERO tells the exciting story of this neglected and controversial figure and his quest to bring democracy to America and France. He left home at the age of 19 to fight courageously for the independence of the United States, and went back in 1781 to fight in vain for democratic reform in France. But when he revisited the US for the fiftieth anniversary of our revolution, he was welcomed as an American hero. An Oren Jacoby film.
Lafayette - The Lost Hero
Liberty! The American Revolution (1997)
This presentation is a dramatic documentary about the birth of the American Republic and the struggle of a loosely connected group of states to become a nation. The George Foster Peabody award-winning series brings the people, events, and ideas of the revolution to life through dramatic reenactments performed by a distinguished cast. LIBERTY! is hosted by ABC news anchor Forrest Sawyer and narrated by Edward Herrmann.
Liberty's Kids (2003)
The Complete Series of LIBERTY'S KIDS is star spangled with respected news journalist Walter Cronkite as Benjamin Franklin leading an all-star voice cast comprised of some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Did you know that some people wanted George Washington to be the King of America, not the President? Meet George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John and Abigail Adams, Paul Revere, Benedict Arnold, Deborah Samson and some of the heroes behind the American Revolution as they come to life in the popular animated series.
Libertys Kids
Rebels & Redcoats (2003)
An exploration into America's War of Independence and how it divided the nation between those who remained loyal to the Crown and those fighting for liberation from England. Presented by respected British historian, Richard Holmes using first person narratives, recreations and interviews.
Rebels and Redcoats
Thomas Jefferson: A Film by Ken Burns (1997)
A two-part examination of the life of Thomas Jefferson, whose career as statesman and founding father, including authoring the Declaration of Independence and becoming the third President, places him in the pantheon of historic figures. With Sam Waterston as Jefferson. Narrated by Ossie Davis.
Thomas Jefferson

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