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The Revolution (2006)
This remarkable DVD set presents the entire series, and hence the entire American Revolution, from the Stamp Act Riots and the Boston Tea Party to George Washington's inauguration in New York City. From the roots of the rebellion and the signing of the Declaration of Independence to victory on the battlefield at Yorktown and the adoption of The United States Constitution, THE REVOLUTION tells the remarkable story of this pivotal era in history. Venturing beyond the conventional list of generals and politicians, THE HISTORY CHANNELŽ (now HISTORY) introduces the full range of individuals who helped shape this great conflict, including some of the war's most influential unsung heroes.
The Revolution
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Battle of Monmouth [Battlefield Detectives] (2004)
In Battlefield Detectives, historians, archaeologists, meteorologists, physiologists and munitions experts examine what took place at the American Revolutionary Battle of Monmouth on June 28, 1778, in rural New Jersey. The British assumed that the Continental Army was incapable of facing up to seasoned British regulars. But at Monmouth, things turned out differently. Washington used his artillery so effectively that the cowed British were pinned down, took significant casualties, and left their dead unburied. In modern laboratory conditions, they test what happens when men in heavy woolen uniforms fight on one of the hottest days in New Jersey history, and investigate the effects of a new intensive training regime on the colonial forces.
Battle of Monmouth
Ben Franklin (2004)
The real man behind the myth is finally brought to light. By his own admission, the man who negotiated an alliance with France, helped write the Declaration of Independence and was the first to tame lightning was far from perfect. A self-promoter and occasionally ruthless competitor, this Founding Father never made a penny from his achievements and was more comfortable speaking in front of the British Parliament than he was being with his own family. Narrated in an easy, conversational tone by Edward Herrmann, BEN FRANKLIN features in-depth interviews with renowned biographers and historians, as well as reenactments shot in HD video on locations in Philadelphia - a truly remarkable virtual "walk" in Franklin's footsteps.
Ben Franklin
Founding Brothers (2002)
The "self-evident" truths were intensely debated. In America's first years, Washington, Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, Adams, Madison and Burr struggled to transform their disparate visions into an enduring government. Based on Joseph Ellis's Pulitzer PrizeŽ winning book, FOUNDING BROTHERS examines six moments when the collisions and collusions of these towering figures left an indelible imprint on the nation: the secret dinner that determined the site of the capital and America's financial future; Benjamin Franklin's call for an end to slavery; George Washington's farewell address to the nation; John Adams's term as president; Hamilton and Burr's famous and fatal duel, and the final reconciliation between Adams and Jefferson.
Founding Brothers
Founding Fathers (2001)
Their signatures line the documents that are the blueprints for our most hallowed institutions, their accomplishments are at the heart of history books, and their faces stare out at us from our currency. But the heroes who created our country were people, and their humanity is often obscured by the veils of time. From the first stirrings of discontent to independence and the ratification of the Constitution, FOUNDING FATHERS uses their own words and writings - voiced by actors James Woods, Brian Dennehy, Burt Reynolds, Michael York and others - to reveal the personalities behind the legends and offers an intimate take on the pivotal events in the creation of the nation.
Founding Fathers
Independence Day: History of the 4th of July (2005)
From the Continental Congress to the explosions that light up the skies nationwide, The History ChannelŽ presents an affectionate look at Independence Day. Throughout America, the 4th of July is a summer celebration of beaches, barbecues and the birth of the nation, where parades march down Main Street and the night sky lights up with stunning fireworks displays. Journey back to the first celebration in Philadelphia on July 8, 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was read aloud to the citizens and the city bells rang in a proclamation of freedom. Though these humble beginnings would eventually become the all-out festival of today, Independence Day-fascinatingly enough-wasn't legally declared a holiday until 1941!
4th of July
POWs of the American Revolution (2005)
Letters from captured soldiers and unearthed remains tell of horrors aboard British prison ships. For as long as men have fought wars, armies have struggled with the question of what to do with captured enemy soldiers. POWs OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION details how thousands of patriots died in unthinkable conditions aboard British prison ships moored in New York's harbor. The victims' bones are still being found, their shallow graves exposed on modern-day Brooklyn shores. Drawing on memoirs and letters written by the doomed prisoners, this riveting special documents the appalling conditions they endured. Insight from leading naval historians, medical experts and other specialists helps reveal the many facets of this 18th-century atrocity.
POWs of the American Revolution
Washington the Warrior (2006)
Relive the battles and commands that made Washington the natural choice to be "Father of the Country." The George Washington we all know is larger than life, an icon of mythic proportions, but he was a soldier first. This in-depth portrait of this "other" Washington begins in 1753, when the 21-year-old obtained an officer's commission in the Virginia militia. His stint there was far from an overwhelming success. Though he retired from the militia in 1758, he continued to hone his leadership skills managing his vast Mount Vernon estate. When America declared independence, Washington was the consensus choice to lead the Continental Army, and the faith placed in the Virginia farmer was, ultimately, richly rewarded.
Washington the Warrior

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