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Episode Name: Taking a Break From All Your Worries
Episode Number: 312
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Edward James Olmos
Original Air Date: 1/28/07 on SciFi Channel
Review Posted: 2/2/07

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Act 4:
After having basically behaved like a heartless witch through the whole episode, Roslin remembers her religion long enough to quote some scripture, which drops the first hint that the Cylons might be part of the prophecies as opposed to simply being having hijacked them from the humans. Then Roslin switches back to devious mode and decides that they need to try a less threatening and more "collaborative" approach.

The next sequence is great because it intertwines the two story threads from the episode, but more importantly, it works to dilute the melodrama of the climax of this episode's Lee, Dee, Anders and Kara story, which we'll discuss first. They all are conveniently down at the bar, which is apparently the hot new date spot. Lee decides to stay with Dee, giving her the "you're good for me" bit. Kara can see that Lee is staying with Dee, so she settles for Anders again. But just when we hoped this arc was dead, Kara takes one last look at Lee and turns away as he looks over. He now knows she's peeking, so he decides to rub it in by giving Dee a kiss. Sigh. The foursome will likely continue and Lee will take his turn as the pursuer.

Meanwhile, Gaeta is paying Baltar a visit, one that is sanctioned by triumvirate (Adama, Roslin and Tigh) this time. They are reconnecting over their shared interest in mathematics. Baltar is happily correcting Gaeta's calculations for a presumed route toward Earth until Gaeta, FOR NO REASON, has to sneak a peak at the surveillance camera. Baltar catches on and is offended that they are spying on him. Did he really think that Gaeta wasn't going to go straight to Adama anyway? From Gaeta's glance to Baltar's shift of emotion, things felt contrived, but it set the stage for another great bit by James Callis and Alessandro Juliani. Juliani isn't asked to do much and his character is largely two dimensional, but when he's asked to step up, he does so with ease.

Baltar shows he's still got his wits about him even with all the torture by suggesting that he allowed Gaeta to slip information to the Resistance. It's a great bit because hw else would he know what Gaeta was doing without the Cylons knowing? He then begins to turn the tables by throwing suspicion onto Gaeta's motivations on New Caprica. Lastly, he makes a show of whispering in Gaeta's ear, which alarms both Adama and Gaeta. Mild-mannered Gaeta flips out and attacks Baltar with the pen, but Adama forcibly prevents him from finishing the job.

The audience is left to wonder if Baltar was just pushing Gaeta's buttons, or if he really does have something on Gaeta. In his podcast, Ronald D. Moore stated that Baltar told Gaeta he would lie about Gaeta's involvement in the deaths on New Caprica, but we wouldn't be surprised if there is more made of it later on. Either way, it's a pretty good bet that Baltar and Gaeta have broken up. Though with this show, there is always a chance of reconciliation.

In sick bay, the firm Inner Six finally makes an appearance just in time for Baltar's epiphany (for now) that he's not a Cylon, but is the chosen one. This dovetails with Baltar have shown a return of self-assurance in his sequence with Gaeta. We move over to Roslin and Adama, who talk about what to do with Baltar. Adama suggests that since hardly anyone knows he's back in the fleet, they can just make him disappear, but Roslin decides that he'll get his trial. This scene was likely meant to echo the type of discussion that has taken place time and again concerning political prisoners where the government doesn't wish to give the opposition a public forum.

Bonus Scene:
It seemed like a missed opportunity to not involve Caprica Six in Baltar's interrogations and what do you know, but there's a deleted scene out there that did just that. After seeing this scene, now we can more easily understand why Roslin reversed course and decided to give Baltar a trial. Caprica Six dangled just enough out there to intrigue and probably offend Roslin with her insinuations. Although, Caprica's comments about Roslin torturing Baltar and the lack of a justice system are like the pot calling the kettle black. After all, Caprica was the one that gained access to the mainframe that enabled the Cylons to kill billions of humans and more recently, she went along with the Cylons' own torture of Baltar.

Caprica is playing that gambit because she has to keep both herself and Baltar alive. She still appears to love Baltar (at this point, who knows why) and she has to stay in the fleet to look after him. She's likely less concerned with whether she's too far from a resurrection ship, than she is with Baltar's well-being. By challenging Roslin to use the colonial justice system and a trial, Caprica just bought herself some time. For what? Who knows? But Caprica likely has something up her sleeve that she'll use if given a chance as that "star witness."

The other revelation in this scene is that the other Cylons are aware that Roslin broke her word to Leoben and airlocked him anyway. She claims that Leoben told them, which has to urk Roslin. Two possible explanations: Leoben wasn't too far away as he feared and was able to download to a resurrection ship. Or there was some sort of residual download, which has precedence since Athena was able to repeat back to Adama the things that he said to Boomer's body in the morgue.

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