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Episode Name: The Woman King
Episode Number: 313
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 2/11/07 on SciFi Channel
Review Posted: 2/17/07

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Act 2:
Helo is back at the clinic and Dr. Robert sounds frustrated as he says that a pair of Sagittaron parents wouldn't let him treat their three year old daughter so she died. He then immediately sounds callous as he blows off Helo's comment about Willie by blaming his death on his mother. He adds that Willie was three days symptomatic. Helo is obviously surprised, but doesn't mention what Mrs. King had told him. Dr. Robert then preps an inoculation for Helo. Helo points out that it was decided that no one would be treated until they were symptomatic. Dr. Robert says that he doesn't want Helo to be down for any period of time and adds that he put in a good word for Helo when Tigh asked about him.

It didn't take long for the bar to be the off-duty hangout. Although, if the bar had never been seen again, it would have been up there with Roslin's dear friend and aide who appeared for one episode. Here, we are treated to the second and final scene of the episode with Lee and Kara. Anyone else wonder about Gaeta and Kara sitting next to each other at the bar when it was she and Tigh that had antagonized Gaeta and she had been ready to airlock him as a collaborator. Guess there's a deleted scene out there somewhere where they made up.

Anyway, back to the scene. Racetrack and Dee are apparently on date night since they are wearing dresses. Lee, Tyrol, Gaeta and Kara look to have just come off-duty since they look to still be in uniform. Helo is uptight with the weight of his job while everyone else is laid back. Much like the earlier scene with the command staff and Dr. Robert, Helo passively sits back and listens as the Sagittarons are picked on. When Lee points out to Tyrol that Dee is Sagittaron, Dee actually agrees with Tyrol. She calls Sagittarons pig-headed because their religion leads them to believe that doctors spread diseases. Just for kicks, she lets it be known that she doesn't think Cottle is much of a doctor.

It took Athena more than an episode to get around to talking to Caprica Six. She thanks her for her help even though she's not sure why Caprica did it. Caprica, meanwhile, isn't all there for the conversation because her Inner Baltar has dropped by to question why Caprica came to the fleet. Athena advises that Caprica needs to cooperate with the efforts against Baltar. This would seem to mean that Athena is aware of Roslin's visit with Caprica. Athena offers to see about some clothes, although that dress that Caprica is wearing doesn't look that bad.

As Athena leaves, Inner Baltar continues his conversation with Caprica, who is more at ease responding to him now that Athena is gone. However, the audience learns that Roslin and Tory are eavesdropping. Inner Baltar questions whether any of the humans care about Caprica and then says that Caprica is in the fleet because she wants to be, but for her to be human she has to be think only of herself. They start to kiss and we get a somewhat amusing scene where Caprica looks a bit silly as she responds to Inner Baltar's unseen attentions as Roslin and Tory try to figure out what she's doing.

This scene was great because it got the fleet's two known Cylons together and threw in this season's first appearance of Inner Baltar. Even though it's not stated, one has to believe that Athena's meeting with Caprica was orchestrated since earlier in the episode Roslin and Tory were on Colonial One, but show up in time to witness Athena's visit. Although, Roslin indicates that she's seen Caprica carry on before, so this isn't the first time she's watched Caprica. Also unlike in her exchange with Roslin in the last episode, Caprica comes off looking very unsure of herself and, at least to Roslin and Tory, a bit unhinged, which can only weaken her tenuous bargaining position.

Back to the "A" story and the Sagittarons are "rising up." They are attempting to overrun Dr. Rorbert's clinic. Helo and the MPs appear to restore order as Buckminster accuses Robert of killing his father. Helo talks to Dr. Robert, who says that Buckminster's father died after being treated, which was done without his consent because of his pain. Helo doesn't drop it after that revelation and Dr. Robert realizes what Helo is accusing him of. He gets a little self-righteous. The ease with which Dr. Robert bends rules (inoculating Helo and now treating Buckminster's father) shows a flaw in his character even if he bent the rules for seemingly good reasons.

Helo's next scene is basically humiliating. He takes his concerns to Adama, Cottle and Tigh. They believe Robert over King and when Helo tells them that Robert administered the medicine without consent, Cottle shows his prejudice toward the Saigittarons and actually says Robert did what they should have done all along. Helo sounds increasingly shrill as the meeting continues. Tigh backs up Robert and Adama says that Baltar and the Cylon are a far worse potential issue than the Sagittarons. Lastly, Adama questions whether Helo can handle his job and dismisses him.

In the hallway, Helo is steaming and Tigh comes after him. He won't let it go. He shows his prejudice against the Sagittarons and against defends Robert. He then goes on the attack by saying that Helo is going after the one person that has anything good to say about him. Tigh gets into Helo's head by first saying that Helo likes being the "outsider" and then a Cylon-lover. Helo punches tigh and then immediately gets back under control. Tigh nevertheless threatens to finish "this" if Helo doesn't leave Robert alone. Beneath all of Tigh's nastiness in the scene, is some insight into Helo having settled in to being an "outsider."

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