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Pilot Summary:

Episode Name: Pilot
Episode Number: 101
Written by: Remi Aubuchon & Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Jeffrey Reiner
DVD Release: 4/21/2009
Original Air Date: Spring 2010 on SciFi Channel

Chapters 1 & 2:
(Caption: CAPRICA; 58 Years Before the Fall)

Teenagers populate a crowded dance floor in the V-club.

Another room in the club is filled with moaning and writhing naked couples.

Elsewhere, a crowd cheers on a brutal fistfight.

In another chamber, another crowd watches a girl gun down a man. The girl exclaims with delight when she's finished.

In yet another chamber, Zoe Graystone looks on from a balcony. She looks down at the foot of the stage.

In the front row of the boisterous crowd at the front of the stage, her avatar (Zoe-A) is still. She looks up at Zoe in the balcony.

A man brandishing a knife walks out on the stage followed by half a dozen dancers.

Up in the balcony, Ben walks up next to Zoe and asks if her avatar is there. Zoe tells him that she's down in front. Ben then tells her that "it's not their fault. they just don't know."

Lacy walks up on the other side of Zoe and says, "We should leave before we get caught." Zoe answers, "It's happening."

The man on stage yells out in a foreign language and then the dancers collapse on the stage.

Lacy calls it "sick" and wonders why they don't tire of it. Ben tells the girls that it will all change. Zoe adds that her avatar will help change it.

As the crowd eggs on the ritual, Zoe-A silently watches.

A single dancer moves to the center of a stage and starts up as the lights strobe. In between blasts of light, her head briefly turns into the head of a beast. The man with the knife calls out as the woman continues to gyrate.

A girl is led through the crowd to the edge of the stage.

As Zoe-A looks on below and Ben, Zoe and Lacy look on from the balcony, the crowd chants, "Kill."

The man moves in front of the prostrate girl, raises the knife, calls out and then brings it down.

As the girl's now prone body can be seen, Zoe-A grows visibly upset, pixilates and disappears.

Up in the balcony, Zoe is unhappy. Lacy asks her what happened. Zoe answers that "she derezzed" because she got upset. She adds that Zoe-A probably "defaulted to the last copy. Ben leans over and says that Zoe-A isn't "as strong" as Zoe "yet." After a beat, he adds, "I have faith in you. She'll be perfect 'cause you're perfect." Lacy looks on as they Ben and Zoe kiss.

Zoe is startled when the bathroom stall door is opened by the young Prefect Caston.

The school bell rings as we find Zoe and Lacy sitting outside the school. Ben walks up and Zoe asks him if anything else happened after she left. He answers nothing other than more "blood and guts" and that he left a couple minutes after her. He then asks about Zoe-A. Zoe answers that they took away her holoband, so she'll check when she gets home. Ben seems bothered by that idea. Zoe points out that they aren't leaving for Gemenon until tomorrow. She adds that there is still time for "tweakage" before closing with "for the one true God knows all and directs us all." This prompts Ben and Lacy to join her in touching their foreheads with their index finger and say, "So say we all."

Daniel and Amanda Graystone play a game of tennis on their shoreline court. Amanda calls Daniel's shot "out." Daniel immediately disagrees and heads toward their robot servant Serge. He orders Serge to enable to the line sensors and Amanda adds "and the auto-umpire." They continue to banter as they start another point.

Serge interrupts with word that there is a message from the Athenian Academy regarding Zoe. Amanda immediately assumes the worst, while Daniel tries to be more optimistic.

In the kitchen of their spacious home, Daniel and Amanda talk to Zoe. Amanda can't believe that Zoe has cut class and brought a holoband to school. As Daniel tries to keep things calm, Zoe talks back. This prompts Amanda to institute "no car privileges, no phone, no Holoband and grounded for a month." Daniel immediately intercedes and wants things to calm down as he reminds Zoe about the building naming. Zoe snidely points out that she can't go because she's now grounded. Daniel says that they'll make an exception since it's not every day that a building is named after you. Again, Zoe snidely comments about getting her name on a computer science wing at Apollo university because her "daddy" donates a "billion" cubits. She keeps going and calls it "dirty science" even as Daniel points out that science "put a roof over [her] head."

That sets Amanda off about how much Zoe has because of her parents' hard work. Zoe counters that she'll "have to learn how to marry into money." Amanda loses it and slaps Zoe. Zoe responds by getting in her mother's face and saying, "You are gonna regret that for the rest of your life" before walking off and slamming the door.

Amanda and Daniel stand in silence as Amanda gathers herself. She finally says that she's surprised that she did that. Daniel tries to reassure her that Zoe knows that she didn't mean it.

In her room, Zoe puts on a Holoband. She takes out computer paper and draws an infinity symbol on it which activates it. A circle of twelve symbols then appears. Zoe punches in a code and the Holoband activates.

Zoe strolls through the V-club's group sex room before entering a corridor. She stops along the wall and presses an infinity symbol which opens a door. She enters a quiet chamber where Zoe-A sits on a bench.

Zoe-A apologizes, but Zoe isn't worried about it. Zoe-A points out that they knew what they were doing and loved it. Zoe is concerned about preventing Zoe-A from "derezzing" again. Zoe-A says that even though she knew it wasn't real, she was bothered by how the crowd "drew strength" from the ritual of the sacrifice. Zoe tries to reassure her. Zoe-A wants to know if people are like that "in the real world." Zoe answers that some are, but that it's going to change and Zoe-A is going to help that change.

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