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National Treasure 2

Comments from The Patriot Resource:
Following the success of National Treasure, the nearly inevitable sequel was greenlit. National Treasure 2: The Book of Secrets was the result. Based on trailers, we assumed that this film would revolve around Civil War history much like the first film had used the history of the American Revolutionary Era. Instead, the Civil War merely serves as a starting point that carries the film to Europe and then back to the American Midwest. As contrived as elements of the first film may have seemed, they were nothing compared to the sequel. As we learned, the film was not only greenlit, but a release date set before the script was done. As a result, filming commenced without a polished storyline and it shows in how flimsily that the film sometimes connects the dots. Even so, the film still has much of the same appeal as the first film. The core cast of Nicolas Cage (Benjamin Gates), Diane Kruger (Abigail Chase), Justin Bartha (Riley Poole) and Jon Voight (Patrick Gates) is back in the leading roles, while Harvey Keitel (Agent Sadusky) has a greater role. Helen Mirren (Emily Appleton) and Ed Harris (Mitch Wilkinson) join the leading cast while Bruce Greenwood (The President) has a couple of pivotal scenes. As a result, such a strong cast nearly pulls off the second film. If you enjoyed the first film and are willing to suspend your disbelief even more, then you'll be entertained by seeing Ben Gates and his cohorts back in action. Unlike the first film which didn't hint at a sequel, this film ends with a deliberately open door for a third installment. We hope that such a third installment is developed with a focused storyline more reminiscent of the first film.

National Treasure 2: The Book of Secrets Main Cast List
Actor Name: Character Name:
Nicolas Cage
Diane Kruger
Justin Bartha
Jon Voight
Harvey Keitel
Helen Mirren
Ed Harris
Bruce Greenwood
... Benjamin Gates
... Abigail Chase
... Riley Poole
... Patrick Gates
... Sadusky
... Professor Emily Appleton
... Mitch Wilkinson
... The President
National Treasure 2: The Book of Secrets IMDB Listing

National Treasure 2: The Book of Secrets 2-disc Collector's Edition DVD Extras:
Disc One:
— Audio Commentary with Director Jon Turteltaub and Actor Jon Voight

Disc Two:
Deleted Scene Introduced by the Director: Pursuit at Rushmore: The Unseen Chapter [7:00]
Deleted Scene Introduced by the Director: Hacking the Palace [1:15]
Deleted Scene Introduced by the Director: Pushed to the Edge [2:35]
Deleted Scene Introduced by the Director: A Helping Hand [2:30]
Deleted Scene Introduced by the Director: Tight Squeeze [:12]
Secrets of a Sequel [6:15] - Filmmakers Jon Turteltaub and Jerry Bruckheimer join the cast and crew to talk about making the follow-up to the phenomenally successful National Treasure.
The Book of Secrets: On Location [9:45] - From the Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota to London's historic Buckingham Palace, National Treasure: Book of Secrets was given unprecedented access to previously off limits locations. Go behind the scenes at the Library of Congress, Mount Vernon, Buckingham Palace and the Statue of Liberty in Paris.
The Treasure Reel: Bloopers and Outtakes [5:00]
Street Stunts: Creating the London Chase [9:40] - Take a high speed tour of London's most recognizable landmarks as the film's unforgettable adrenaline-fueled chase scene is created in historic city streets.
Underground Action [6:45] - The sets, the stunts and the action that create the film's powerful climax as the race to reach the lost City of Gold unfolds.
Evolution of a Golden City [10:15] - A look at the Hollywood sets, CGI techniques and visual effects that brought the legendary City of Gold to life.
Knights of the Golden Circle [2:40] - Who were the real Knights of the Golden Circle? A short documentary traces one of America's most mysterious and influential organizations to its roots, including interviews with KGC expert Warren Getler, the cast and crew.
Cover Story: Crafting the Presdents' Book [4:30] - A fascinating look at the propmasters and designers who created the legendary book central to National Treasure: Book of Secrets.
Inside the Library of Congress [8:40] - An informative feature about the workings of the nation's most important library provides an up-close look at precious national artifacts and the conservation techniques that safeguard these priceless pieces of American history.
Easter Egg: Driving Rig [:50]
Easter Egg: Virtual White House [:15]
Easter Egg: Nicolas Cage & Jon Turteltaub [2:05] - Conversation about Beverly Hills High School with fellow alums Nic Cage and Jon Turteltaub
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National Treasure 2: The Book of Secrets: Blu-Ray DVD Extras
— All Extras from 2-Disc DVD
Book of History: The Fact and Fiction of National Treasure 2: Is National Treasure: Book of Secrets historical fact or historical fiction? Pop Quiz that test people on the history, characters, places and events that took place in the movie. Find out which historical details in the film are true and which were invented with an exclusive popup quiz. It is a fullyinteractive in-movie experience.
Two Additional Deleted Scenes
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National Treasure
National Treasure
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National Treasure 2
National Treasure 2:
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2-Disc Collector's Edition DVD
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2-Disc Blu-Ray DVD
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