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Episodes 2.1 - 2.12 Spoilers:

The following information is gathered from various articles, interviews and The Fuselage forums. The following can be considered RUMOR and subject to change or otherwise inaccurate. Spoilers for episodes that have already aired are left just to see the track record of the spoilers. Spoilers for more distant episodes can be considered far more unreliable.

Episode 1: Man of Science, Man of Faith; A "Jack" episode; Episode Summary Now Available
Written by Damon Lindelof; Directed by Jack Bender; 9/21/05
The episode picks up 30 seconds after the hatch was opened and the contents of the hatch will be revealed in the first fifteen minutes of airtime. In a spoiler clip that was available, Kate is lowered into the hatch by Locke. She sees someone in the hatch, then the rope comes loose and she drops rapidly. She screams and the hatch light comes on. Sarah (Julie Bowen), Jack's ex-wife, and Christian (John Terry), Jack's father, appear. Shannon will glimpse Walt in the forest, but have a hard time convincing the other survivors of what she saw. Vincent, who was given to Shannon by Walt, will have a prominant role. The first three episodes cover the six hours immediately after the hatch's opening, Walt's kidnapping and the destruction of the raft.

Episode 2: Adrift; A "Michael" episode; Episode Summary Now Available
Written by Steven Maeda & Leonard Dick; Directed by Stephen Williams; 9/28/05
This episode deals with those who set out on the boat. Two of them make it back to what's left of the raft, but have to deal with a shark. They all survive, although Sawyer has been shot, and it will take much of the first half of the season for them to rejoin the rest of the survivors. Libby (Cynthia Watros) is introduced, a new regular and Locke goes into the hatch after a missing survivor (Kate?). The first three episodes cover the six hours immediately after the hatch's opening, Walt's kidnapping and the destruction of the raft.

Episode 3: Orientation; A "Locke" episode; Episode Summary Now Available
Written by: Javier Grillo-Marxuach & Craig Wright; Directed by:Jack Bender; 10/5/05
Jin, Michael and Sawyer have been beaten and taken captive, but aren't sure if it was the "others." The contents of the hatch are explained. Survivors of the tail section are found. The first three episodes cover the six hours immediately after the hatch's opening, Walt's kidnapping and the destruction of the raft. Cooper, Locke's biological father, and Helen, perhaps Locke's phone woman, appear in flashbacks.

Episode 4: Everybody Hates Hugo; A "Hurley" episode; Episode Summary Now Available
Written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz; Directed by Alan Taylor; 10/12/05
Hurley is given a task within the hatch, which he struggles with because of the numbers. The flashbacks begin the day that Hurley is checked into the same mental institution where he visited Leonard in flashbacks in "Numbers." Carmen, Hurley's mother, also appears in the flashbacks. It is also likely that more will be learned about the origin of the numbers. Randy, who was Locke's supervisor at the box company that Hurley bought following winning the lottery, is slated to appear. Rose and her husband, Bernard appear.
Editor's note: Obviously, this spoiler wasn't even close, but it may contain insights for later on, so this information will remain.

Episode 5: ... And Found; A "Jin" & "Sun" episode; Episode Summary Now Available
Written by Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof; Directed by Stephen Williams; 10/19/05
Michael sets off to find Walt, but discovers that he's not alone. Jin and Sawyer are forced by their captors to lead them to their camp. Sun searches for her missing wedding ring. In flashback, Mr. Kim, Jin's boss at the Grand Seoul Hotel, his beatnik best friend/roommate Tai Soo, and Jae Lee, who has the social standing, education and wealth that Jin does not, will be seen in flashback. Sun's mother, Mrs. Paik, also appears in flashback. Bernard, Rose's husband, appears.

Episode 6: Abandoned; A "Shannon" episode; Episode Summary Now Available
Written by Elizabeth Sarnoff; Directed by Adam Davidson; 11/9/05
Sawyer's wounded arm becomes infected and possibly life-threatening. The driver of the other vehicle who died in the ER when Jack treated Sarah was named Rutherford and was indeed Shannon's father Adam. The day of his death will be seen in flashback. Shannon's previous marriage will also be revealed. It has been stated that Shannon and Sayid's relationship will reach its logical conclusion ("a pressing of flesh" as Naveen Andrews has described it). Shannon is haunted by dreams/visions of Walt. The rumored death: These visions lead Shannon to wandering alone where she is killed by Ana-Lucia. However, her true killer may not be revealed until episode 208. If all the spoilers are true, Shannon would be very busy in this episode. However, as seen already in episodes 203 & 204, the spoilers turned out to be far from what the episodes actually were. Walt, Boone, Rose, Cindy and Bernard (Rose's husband) are slated to appear.

Episode 7: The Other 48 Days; A"tailies" episode; Episode Summary Now Available
Written by Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse; Directed by Eric Laneuville; 11/16/05
Post-crash flashbacks for the "tailies." The episode concerns the experience of the other survivors ("tailies") of Flight 815 in the 48 days since the crash. Brett Cullen guest stars as Goodwin, whose end has already been seen in Episode 205 "... and Found." At the end of the episode, the identity of Shannon's killer may be teased. Ana-Lucia, Eko, Libby, Cindy, Bernard and additional tailies appear.

Episode 8: Collision; An "Ana-Lucia" episode; Episode Summary Now Available
Written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach and Leonard Dick; Directed by Stephen Williams; 11/23/05
Violence erupts when Ana-Lucia and the tallies come upon the other survivors. Sawyer's injury is getting critical. Flashbacks show how Ana-Lucia lost her job as a Los Angeles police officer. Rumored to be about forgiveness. Shannon's killer is also said to be finally be revealed in this episode.

Episode 9: What Kate Did; A "Kate" episode; Episode Summary Now Available
Written by Steven Maeda & Craig Wright; Directed by Paul Edwards; 11/30/05
Kate's original crime is revealed in flashbacks. Marshal Mars and Diane, Kate's mother, appear in the flashbacks. The survivors lay Shannon to rest. Kate watches over Sawyer who remains feverish due to the infection. Eko has a surprise for Locke concerning the hatch (the film?), while Michael has a strange encounter with the computer. Kate possibly shares a kiss with Jack, but with unexpected results. Bernard and Rose appear.

Episode 10: The 23rd Psalm; An "Eko" episode; Episode Summary Now Available
Written by Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse; Directed by Matt Earl Beesley; 1/11/06
Eko's 40 days of silence will be explained along with some background on that stick that he has been carving scriptures on. When he sees the Virgin Mary statue, Eko insists that Charlie lead him to the smugglers' plane. Some of Eko's flashbacks go back to when he was growing up in Nigeria. It also revealed that he was previously a warlord in Nigeria.

Episode 11: The Hunting Party; A"Jack" episode; Episode Summary Now Available
Written by Elizabeth Sarnoff & Christina M. Kim; Directed by Stephen Williams; 1/18/06
Jack, Locke and Sawyer go after Michael, when he goes into the jungle in search of Walt. A middle-aged Italian man and beautiful Italian woman guest in roles that could be recurring. Flashbacks might reveal what happened to/in Jack's short marriage to Sarah. Dr. Christian Shepherd and Sarah again appear. Also of note is that the same actor (M.C. Gainey) who was one of the Others that took Walt is being billed as Mr. Friendly. He can be heard in the episode preview so it can be assumed that he's reprising the same role..

Episode 12: Fire + Water; A "Charlie" episode Episode Summary Now Available
Written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz; Directed by Jack Bender; 1/25/06
Rumored to have flashbacks to when he and Liam were kids. Charlie's parents appear and his father is apparently a butcher. Additional characters are a rock star's wife and a British director. Charlie's dreams lead him to believe that Aaron is in danger. Charlie might finally break down and crack open the statue to get to the drugs.
There is a sign in a flashback that may turn up again later.

General Spoilers:
Note: These spoilers are more general than those listed above for specific episodes and many are likely to fall by the wayside. These are items mentioned by the showrunners as intended storylines, but it's likely that more than a few of these will prove to be well off-target by season's end. Newer spoilers are added at the top of the list:
  • Dharma is an acronym.
  • The Eko/Locke relationship will be a focal point for the rest of the season.
  • As hinted at in the Orientation film, there are six bunkers on the Island so there are several possibilities for strange occurances.
  • Eko grew up in Nigeria and may be tied to the drug plane through his brother.
  • The showrunners have said that the orientation film is missing very important pieces supposedly because Desmond has spliced it back together.
  • The Others have killed a number of the tail section survivors of Flight 815.
  • Jolene Blalock (Star Trek: Enterprise) and perhaps Robert Patrick (Hibbs) were slated to appear in Episode 202 ("Adrift") in Sawyer's flashbacks until the episode was changed to Michael. They still may appear later in the season in a Sawyer episode.
  • The second season will cover roughly the same amount of time on the island (45-50 days) as the first season, which means the second season will end around the 3 month mark for the survivors.
  • What the survivors find in the hatch will have an effect on the rest of the season.
  • Rose will be frequently seen in Season 2.
  • Original plans for a love triangle Michael, Jin and Sun have been scrapped because the writers' investment in the married couple's relationship as well as the chemistry (off-screen/on-set friendship) of the actors who portray Michael and Jin.
  • Romances may heat up as the survivors cope with the fact that they may be stuck on the island for a while. Charlie and Claire grow closer, though his affinity for drugs (the heroin-filled statues) will be an issue. Shannon will decide where Sayid belongs in her life. Jack and Ana-Lucia will spark as well.
  • Jin learns English and Sun grows more independent while her husband is missing.
  • How Kate first became a futigive will be revealed.
  • Walt will not be seen for several episodes early in the second season (apparently after Shannon sees him the the first episode).
  • The reason that the airplane crashed will be revealed in second season, and it apparently wasn't due to someone who was a passenger.
  • The island will be explored much more.
  • One current female regular (killed off) and one current male regular (not killed off) will leave during the second season, while at least five new regular characters will appear.
  • The hatch's contents will be fully revealed early in the second season and have a great effect on Locke.
  • Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje will play a "mysterious man whose presence on the island -- and intentions -- will be revealed in one of the early episodes in the upcoming second season."
  • Ana-Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez), seen in a flashback talking with Jack at the airport bar, becomes a main character in season 2. She supposedly sat in the tail section, which did have some survivors, who have had a very different experience since the crash. She also supposedly knows more about the cause of the crash.

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