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Lost Season 6 Spoilers:

The following information is gathered from various articles, interviews and message forums. The following can be considered RUMOR and subject to change or otherwise inaccurate. The webmaster's comments are found in the italicized brackets.

General Spoilers:
5/10/10: Last Updates

Episodes 1 & 2: LA X; February 2, 2010
2/2/10: Last Updates

Episode 3: What Kate Does; "Kate-centric"; Feb. 9, 2010
2/9/10: Last Updates

Episode 4: The Substitute; "Locke-centric"; February 16, 2010
2/16/10: Last Updates

Episode 5: Lighthouse; "Jack-centric"; February 23, 2010
2/21/10: Last Updates

Episode 6: Sundown; "Sayid-centric"; March 2, 2010
2/21/10: Last Updates

Episode 7: Dr. Linus; "Ben-centric"; March 9, 2010
3/7/10: Last Updates

Episode 8: Recon; "Sawyer-centric"; March 16, 2010
3/16/10: Last Updates

Episode 9: Ab Aeterno; "Richard-centric"; March 23, 2010
3/23/10: Last Updates

Episode 10: The Package; "Jin/Sun-centric"; March 30, 2010
2/27/10: Last Updates

Episode 11: Happily Ever After; "Desmond-centric"; April 6, 2010
4/5/10: Last Updates

Episode 12: Everybody Loves Hugo; A "Hurley" Episode; April 13, 2010
4/13/10: Last Updates

Episode 13: The Last Recruit; April 20, 2010
4/20/10: Alliances are forged and broken as the Locke and Jack camps merge. From ABC Official Press Release
4/20/10: Nadia, Zoe, Cindy, Zack, Emma and David appear. Also appearing are surgeon, EMT #1, EMT #2, receptionist, Burditt, guard and Mike. From ABC Official Press Release
3/7/10: Guest characters: EMT - Male, any ethnicity, late 20s - 40s. Smart, clean-cut and skillful EMT who cares about his patients and likes helping people. CO-STAR; SURGEON - Male or female, any ethnicity, late 20s - early 30s. Capable, compassionate and level-headed surgeon who finds himself a bit over his head during an emergency. Not afraid of calling in a more experienced surgeon to help. CO-STAR. From Casting Calls

Episode 14: The Candidate; A "Jack" Episode; May 4, 2010
5/4/10: Last Updates

Episode 15: Across the Sea; A "Jacob & Man in Black" Episode; May 11, 2010
5/10/10: Last Updates

Episode 16: What They Died For; May 18, 2010
5/16/10: Last Updates

Episodes 17 & 18: (Series Finale, Part 1 & 2); May 23, 2009
5/16/10: Juliet appears in the finale. From SciFiWire [Our guess is that we'll find out that Juliet is David's mother and that she and Sawyer meet in the flash-sideways.]
5/16/10: In what looks to be some filming in the flash sideways timeline, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Desmond, Faraday and Minkowski were to be involved in a fully submerged underwater scene. From DarkUFO
5/10/10: Terry O'Quinn is "playing a guy who we're not going to see until the finale." From Kristin
2/2/2010: The show's series finale airdate was announced by Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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