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Episode 614 Spoilers: The Candidate; "Jack-centric"; May 4, 2010
5/4/10: Locke is on a random beach with Temple Others dead along the beach. From Ryan in Hawaii [This likely picks up from the bombing that ending episode 13.]
5/4/10: Locke is at the door of the Arija plane. In another scene, Jack pulls Sawyer out of the water. From DarkUFO [Considering Locke just lost his boat in the last episode, how does he get to the other Island so quickly.]
5/4/10: Jack visits the Sun Palms Nursing Home. From DarkUFO [Locke? Recovering (or not) from the accident and spinal surgery?]
5/2/10: In the flash-sideways, Jack pays Bernard a visit at his dentist's office. Also, Widmore and much of the main cast were at the temple. From Ryan in Hawaii [So it appears that after they sailed to the other island, Widmore drags them back in the sub? Guess he really wants Desmond back.]
5/2/10: Location shooting involved the sub. From DarkUFO [Can't help but wonder if Jack's difficult task involves the sub.]
5/2/10: There are possibly four deaths and not just "red shirts." From Ryan in Hawaii
5/1/10: Jack must decide whether or not to trust Locke after he is asked to follow through on a difficult task. From ABC Official Press Release
5/1/10: Charles Widmore, Anthony Cooper, Bernard and Helen appear. Also appearing are Seamus, nurse, Wheeler, orderly, Paul and sub captain. From ABC Official Press Release

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