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Episode 605 Spoilers: Lighthouse; "Jack-centric"; February 23, 2010
2/21/10: In the alternate timeline, Jack visits his mother. Dogen also appears in Jack's scenes at the 'youth concert.' Jack visits St. Mary's Academy. From The Transmission
2/21/10: Hurley must convince Jack to accompany him on an unspecified mission, and Jin stumbles across an old friend. From ABC Official Press Release
2/21/10: Jacob and Dogen appear. Margo Shephard appears. Also appearing are Justin, David and Japanese boy. From ABC Official Press Release
2/21/10: Hurley takes notes from his meeting with Jacob by writing on his arm. Jacob apparently appears to Hurley in the Temple and Dogen is nearby. Jin awakens to find that Claire has taken him to a Rousseau-like makeshift shelter along with one of the Others.From Location Report
2/17/10: In the alternate timeline, Jack attends a 'Spring Youth Concert' at Williams Conservatory. On the Island, Jack and Hurley wait for Jacob (?). From Ryan in Hawaii [We know Jacob's dead, but since Hurley has already talked to Jacob postmortem this spoiler could still be accurate.]
2/17/10: The episode is "Jack-centric." From DarkUFO

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