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Episode 612 Spoilers: Everybody Loves Hugo; "Hurley-centric"; April 13, 2010
4/13/10: Hurley agonizes over what the group should do next, and Locke is curious about the new arrival to his camp. From ABC Official Press Release
4/13/10: Desmond, Michael, Libby, Pierre Change, Carmen Reyes and Dr. Douglas Brooks appear. Also appearing are teenage boy, clerk, waiter and Tito. From ABC Official Press Release
4/5/10: Libby and Hurley have a scene in a restaurant.
4/5/10: Locke and Desmond have a scene on the Island. From Matt [So Widmore's "secret weapon" ends up with Locke or at least face-to-face with Locke.]
4/5/10: Ben's in the vicinity of an explosion and "there's a shocking event" that left the cast thinking "nobody's safe." From The Phoenix Interview [There have been indications that Desmond dies, although "his" episode (prior to this one) would seem to be a more likely spot for that.]
4/5/10: Libby and Hurley have a picnic on the beach. From Ryan in Hawaii
3/7/10: The benefit was for the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. From Hawaiian Escapades
3/7/10: In the alternate timeline, Hurley and Libby were at a 'benefit event' along with Pierre Chang. From DarkUFO

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