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Soundtrack #2
Deluxe Soundtrack
Gettysburg (1993):
IMDB Listing
Ron Maxwell
Michael Shaara
Ron Maxwell
Randy Edelman

Tom Berenger
Martin Sheen
Stephen Lang
Jeff Daniels
Robert Jordan
Brian Mallon
Sam Elliott
C. Thomas Howell
Kevin Conway
... Director
... Writer (Novel)
... Writer (Screenplay)
... Original Music by

... Lt. Gen. James Longstreet
... Gen. Robert E. Lee
... Maj. Gen. George Pickett
... Col. Joshua Chamberlain
... Brig. Gen. Lewis Armistead
... Maj. Gen. Winfield Hancock
... Brig. Gen. John Buford
... Lt. Thomas Chamberlain
... Sgt. 'Buster' Kilrain

Gettysburg recreates the three days of fighting during the Civil War at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on July 1-3, 1863.

The film sticks mostly to portraying the battle strategies, but there are two story threads that personalize the battle. Colonel Joshua Chamberlain, his brother Thomas and Irish Sgt. Kilrain from the 20th Maine deal with deserters and then being the end of the Union line in Devil's Den. Confederate Brig. General Armistead speaks with his commander Lt. General Longstreet about his friendship with Union Maj. General Winfield Hancock. All three had served together in California in the Mexican War and now all three are on the same battlefield facing one another.

This is a war film. There is no romance (in fact there are no female characters at all) and very little dramatic license taken (the fictional Sgt. Kilrain being the major exception).

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